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Projects and such… updates

Since we’re moving everything in once more to, it’s going to take a little bit of time to get everything looking pretty… Pardon the clutter! In the meantime, though, be sure to go over and check out the daily posts in Hulk Vs. Bizarro as Mike and Jason prepare for Season 3 (FYI, we’re […]

Ah, tell me this doesn’t look better!

Still working on it, but check out the main page and the comics page now… nice, huh? I’m getting used to this WordPress thing yet! I found a way to actually cut out areas you don’t like and add in your own code, so that’s much easier in some cases than going in and modifying […]

From the ground up

Rather than play the game of trying to convert everything over “as is” from the BeardedLadyOnline site, we’ve gone through the long process of actually getting the pages back up from scratch. If you wander around, you shouldn’t find dead links, but some projects haven’t “moved in” quite yet. On the plus side, though, we […]