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SP! Nexus Article – Sean Gordon Murphy

For the SP! Nexus January issue, I had the chance to sit down with Sean Gordon Murphy, artist of Joe the Barbarian (DC/Vertigo). Pretty cool interview, actually… check it out!

Here are some direct download links for SP! Nexus Magazine… don’t worry, they’re all FREE PDF DOWNLOADS.

DECEMBER 2009 <– FEATURES include Cary Kelley’s Dynagirl, […]

SP! Nexus’ March issue is out!

Took us a bit, but it’s available now for download… FREE!

This month in SP! Nexus Magazine… FEATURES including Michael Avon Oeming (Powers, Mice Templar, God Complex from Image), Arctos Media’s Clifford Van Meter discusses his company and Orion the Hunter, The Prolific Martin Powell discusses his comic history including new work on the ever […]

Doc Immortalis’ new creative team is LIVE!

Michael Nelsen and Ruben Rivera are excited to launch the new Episode of Doc Immortalis today ~ Axis Mundi! The web comic will be updated a couple of times per week, so keep checking back!


Here is some promotional artwork…. Spread the word!