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Go see the Losers! Popcorn Action Goodness!

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Ok, first off, I have to say being able to check out some new releases a little ahead of time is just plain awesome, but having to wait to post my thoughts on them? No fun! So, digging into the Losers, which was just released today […]

SP! Nexus Sample – Music to Create By

We’re music lovers over at SP! Nexus, so any excuse to share the music we’re listening to… check out these sample pages from the January SP! Nexus issue and be sure to go download the latest issue… and check out the site at!



And times, they are a changin’, comics, mag, SDCC, etc…

A lot of big things are going on at Carpet Bomb Comics… I’m “this close” to announcing some projects we have had in the pipeline for a while… Want to get some pre-orders going for some things that I think fans are going to really dig… But you need to see them first! With all […]