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We’re 60% of the way towards our KickStarter Goal!

So, we’re SUPER excited… our KickStarter project, which is running at the link below, just hit 60% of our target amount!! Basically, KickStarter is a way for independent creators to fund raise towards a target using pledges. If we hit our target with pledges, we can afford to print our books! If we don’t hit the target amountm we don’t get anything. Doh! The cool thing is that if you pledge, you can get some cool incentives ranging signed books to original artwork and you can even end up in one of our books! Check out the link below and you can get a full rundown of what the skinny is on everything… Please help us reach our goal!


Hey all! My name is Erik Hendrix… Last year, I won Small Press Idol with my book Faction along with Arnie Gordon and Michael Nelsen. Following the competition, Michael and I formed Carpet Bomb Comics! Now we’re ready to launch our first two books, Faction and Citizens and we need your help!

Please pledge money today so we can print our books! Printing is expensive and we’re just a bit shy… and that’s where you come in!

So, why would you pledge money to us? Well, we’re two lifelong comic book geeks who have been creating most of our lives, but now we’re wanting to do it on our own as Carpet Bomb Comics. By pledging your hard earned money today, you’ll not only help some self publishers succeed, but you will get some great incentives! Check out the list, but you can get everything from signed copies of the books to exclusive variant covers, prints, sketches, or even be a character in the book!!! Lots to choose from!

Comics for us aren’t just for kicks, we want nothing more than to be able to tell our stories and get them out there to people to read and enjoy. Both Faction and Citizens have the potential to become bestsellers, but they have to start someplace. Faction last year had over a dozen positive reviews and we broke records in the Small Press Idol competition with the book, both in sales and votes for the project. Now it’s time to kick it up a notch!

This year, we’ll be attending San Diego Comic Con and Long Beach Comic Con to show the world the first issues of these books (and beyond), get them in fans hands, and to, most importantly, talk to people about what we’re passionate about ~ making comics.

You can read more about the books at these links ~ CLICK HERE FOR FACTION and CLICK HERE FOR CITIZENS ~ and check out below what people have said about last year’s Faction issue 0.

“Faction’s plot-line, character development, and dialogue is wonderful. Some new writers come off pretentious, as if they are talking down to you. Erik on the other hand has done an incredible job of writing a script that, while having complex characters, and concepts, never seems to become overwhelming.” –

“I thought issue 0 was not only a great read but it gives a great into into what you can expect from the series. Even thought was a quick read (pretty typical for an issue zero) I found myself wanting more by the end.The story is gritty, the character has some great dialogue… The idea of using a hard bitten ex special forces solider as our newbie into this fantastic universe is a concept often used but it is handled well here. There is definitely a lot more to the main character than we first think we meet him. The art is crisp, clean and the few action moments in the issue looked great and I hope we get to see a lot more of them in future issues. Overall Faction issue zero felt like the start of an epic and global supernatural adventure which has got off to a great start.” –

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