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SDCC, here we come!

Hey all! We’ve been hard at work finishing up Faction issue 1 and Citizens issue 1 and they’re at the printer! We received confirmation today that they’ve both been excepted, proofs signed off, and that we’ll get them before SDCC. Phew!!!! Seriously a MAJOR team effort went down to pull this off and I’m VERY thankful to everyone for chipping in to make the books a success.

So, SDCC… We’re going to be at the Arcana Booth, 2415, for the duration of SDCC helping out and, of course, selling Faction and Citizens! Why Arcana? Well, I’m the Editor in Chief of Zedura Magazine, which they publish, and Michael Nelsen is the Creative Director. Handy, huh? To knock out two birds with one stone and concert our efforts, we’ve combined forces for the convention. Their booth, of course, but we’ll be there. Don’t miss the extremely limited SDCC Exclusive Variant Cover to Citizens issue 1!!


If you ordered Faction and/or Citizens through the presale, thanks for that! It’s over now, but the regular covers of both books will be back on sale after the convention and any pre orders will ship right after the convention, too. We’ll be getting the book the day before the convention, so there’s just no time to get them shipped before!

More previews of both books coming, so get ready for it!

Erik Hendrix
Co-Founder Carpet Bomb Comics

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