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SDCC Preview Night 2010

Being at the Arcana booth 2415 has been an amazing experience and it has only been one night! The people are great both in and out of the booth and everyone who has taken the time to listen has been very interested in both Faction and Citizens… A bunch of people even purchased copies!

Highlight of the night? A guy came up who had been looking specifically for Citizens’s First Issue SDCC Variant. He even had us marked on his SDCC map (he showed me)! 3 people in total last night were specifically looking for our books, which was great, but plenty more left with everything we had to offer.

FYI, 300 copies of the Citizen’s variant…. $8 each or $10 for both Citizens covers, which form into one image together. Come say hi, get a chicken scratch scrawl on the page, and see what else the booth has to offer (insanely good deals, too). BOOTH 2415 / ARCANA! If you see Odin’s Throne at the Marvel booth, you’re close!

Want to read more about my (Erik’s) journey to SDCC?


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