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Countdown to SDCC 2011! SideShows makes its debut in a few days!

SideShows-RegularCover-SMJust five days left until the fun/madness of SDCC! Erik Hendrix will be running the Arcana Comics booth this year, 2415, and also debuting SideShows as an exclusive Launch Edition at the big show!

Speaking of SideShows, have you seen any of the press releases going around Arcana has been sending out? There has been some great buzz and we’re looking forward to seeing what other people think!

Head over to to read about the exclusives and see some quotes… But here are a couple of them. Hope the names sound familiar.

“Dark, disturbing, envelope-pushing stuff. Bring your brain and pay attention. The ride is worth it.” – Jim Shooter (MAGNUS ROBOT FIGHTER, DOCTOR SOLAR)

“A cool story, told with loads of pace and verve.” – Mike Carey (UNWRITTEN, X-MEN LEGACY)

“Energetic, dynamic art and a great story. I enjoyed this thoroughly, and you will, too.” – Mark Waid (DAREDEVIL, IRREDEEMABLE)

“Vegas gangsters, circus freaks, magic, guns and violence – all served up in a blaze of glory that burns across the page.” – J.T. Krul (GREEN ARROW, TEEN TITANS)

We’re super-honored and humbled by these amazing talents not only taking the time to read our books, but honestly liking them! Wow… and wow!

Also, did you know that SideShows made the SDCC Wish List over at Comic Book Resources! Amazing!! Read that over here ~

If you haven’t seen any preview pages for the book, keep on scrolling and you can click the images for higher res versions.


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