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Erik’s interview on Arcana’s The Steam Engines of Oz

Arcana Comics, as you may know, is debuting The Steam Engines of Oz on Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2013. The book is available for retailers to order now in preparation of the big event, so don’t forget to order extra copies of this exciting story and extras exclusive to the FCBD edition.


Retailers can order The Steam Engines of Oz FCBD Edition through Diamond Previews, code JAN130018 (JAN130018 J FCBD 2013 STEAM ENGINES OF OZ).


You can also read an exclusive interview with Arcana’s VP of Publishing and co-writer of The Steam Engines of Oz, Erik Hendrix, about the book and Comic Book Day over at the Free Comic Book Day web site by CLICKING HERE!


In the interview, Erik mentions of the story and artwork that “our take on Oz throws the rules out the window! Without giving anything away, you can expect new characters as well as beloved favorites, but seen in a completely different light. Expect a fast-paced story with all of the wonder and excitement you expect from an Oz tale with GORGEOUS artwork from Yannis Roumboulias. If you’re not familiar with him, you should be! He really knocked it out of the park with last year’s Deadly Harvest and he is finishing up Zipper Vs Dominatrix: The Slave Trade, which is appearing in Simmons Comics Anthology Volumes 1-3.” And, who pick up The Steam Engines of Oz? “If you like books with strong female leads, great characterization, and something to fill your head with wonder, you’ll love The Steam Engines of Oz.”


TITLE: The Steam Engines of Oz
STORY BY: Sean Patrick O’Reilly & Erik Hendrix
SCRIPT BY: Erik Hendrix & Sean Patrick O’Reilly
COVER ART BY: Yannis Roumboulias
INTERIOR ART BY: Yannis Roumboulias
AVAILABLE: FCBD 2012 / JAN130018
DESCRIPTION: Get a special sneak-peek at the upcoming re-imagining of Oz through a SteamPunk lens! Find out what happens 100 years after the witch is dead. In an Oz ruled by a once revered hero, salvation comes from the unlikely wrench of Victoria Wright, who dares to question the status quo and sparks a rebellion. This FCBD edition will give you an exciting extended preview of the upcoming graphic novel and a look at what else Arcana’s SteamPunk Originals line has in store for readers!

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