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Carpet Bomb Comics is a group of Writers and Artists, who all share a common vision: to express themselves creatively across multiple mediums. Our main focus on the site is comics, but amongst our number are graphic designers, web designers, screenwriters, novelists, and fine artist and we will be exploring any and all media.

Why Carpet Bomb? Well, the joke is that Erik is a Carpet Bomb marketer… that’s about the extent of it, so we thought it would be clever to name the company after that.

We’re innovators, creators, and consultants ~ we work on our own ideas and those of others ~ we may publish some of our own books and work with other companies on some as well. It’s not about being a “press” or “company”, it’s about cultivating both talent and content. Enjoy your stay and check back often because things are always changing!

If you’re interested in joining the Carpet Bomb Comics team, email Erik at or


Erik Hendrix
Co-Founder, Creator, Writer, & Consultant

& Michael Nelsen
Co-Founder, Creator, Artist, Writer, Designer.

Erik Hendrix – A Creator and Writer who has been reading comics since the age of six & writing since the same, but 2008 brought the two together. His influences are diverse, ranging from years living and working around the military to a childhood filled with guns & computers on one side and b-movies and fantasy novels on the other (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg). His education is as diverse as his upbringing with a BS in Information Systems, minor in programming, but has taken classes ranging throughout Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Music, and even Administration of Justice. Somehow aspects of all of these various influences make it into his works. These days, Erik lives in Oceanside, CA, with his lovely wife, Amanda, who (don’t tell anyone) reads comics and is Erik’s #1 fan, too. Erik has credits in anthologies, three iPhone books in the works, Faction through Carpet Bomb Comics and other books in the works. You can also check out his blog ~ The Last Bard’s Blog. To contact, send an email to ~
Michael Nelsen – A Creator, Writer, and Artist. Michael is an Art Director and Graphic Designer by trade in Minneapolis, MN. He is now taking all the skills and resources gathered from his design career and utilizing them to create comics. Michael is an artist, writer, & conceptualizer. A founding member of 50 Foot Robot Studios and Carpet Bomb Comics. His recent work and blog can be seen here over at 50 Foot Robot Studios. Michael lives with his lovely wife, Kelly, their dog, and their young baby son, Jonathan. To contact, send an email to ~
There are more people who have signed up for the Bearded Lady crew, but we are waiting for their bio’s and blessing to post.