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Download Issues from New Books on ComiXology FREE!

To celebrate the launch of our various titles, we’ve actually made the first digital issues of several of our books FREE on ComiXology! Just in time for Halloween, there are some great horror titles in there, too.. Just check them out below, go download from ComiXology, and enjoy! Please be sure to rate them!
The Evil Tree Issue 1 –

The Book Issue 1 –

Deadly Harvest Issue 1 –

Champions of the Wild Weird West Issue 1 –

Intrinsic Issue 1 –

SideShow Preview Book –

SDCC is just about here! We’re there and we’ve got a LOT going on!

Hi all! Sorry for the lack of updates, but Michael and I have been hard at work getting things ready for SDCC this year. Really, things have been nuts the last six months, since we have been pushing to get FOUR graphic novels finished up for SDCC and, on top of that, a bunch of special projects for Arcana Comics. All a good thing, though.

Now… We’re ready for SDCC and can’t wait to show you what we are going to have there! If you want to find us, just head to the Arcana booth, 2415… I’m running the Arcana booth, so I’ll be there the majority of the time and Michael will be there a lot, too.

What you really want to know is what we’re going to have there, though, right? Well… I honestly can’t talk about 100% of them for another three days, but I CAN show you four books – The Evil Tree, Champions of the Wild Weird West, Deadly Harvest, and The Book!

TITLE: The Evil Tree
DESCRIPTION: In a colonial village outside of NYC, Misha and her fiance, Daren, seek an escape from the fast pace of the city. As they settle in, Misha becomes withdrawn, suffering from bad dreams and depression. When Daren brings his friends to the house to “shake out the cobwebs,” little does he know he is setting into motion events started hundreds of years ago with the original occupants of the house, the Willam Family. Not only did the ill-fated Willam family die in the house one cold winter, but the house has developed a history of female occupants committing suicide. The friends must solve the mystery of the house before the Willam Family ghosts pick them off one by one.

– “A ghost story that will make your blood run cold.”
MIKE CAREY – “A stark, powerful ghost story told with real verve and conviction.”
BLOODY-DISGUSTING.COM – “The Evil Tree is exactly what a classic ghost story should be, Hendrix and Thollin capture all the elements of the genre with stunning execution. This is a perfect Halloween tale that’s bound to send shivers down your spine.”
COMICBOOKRESOURCES.COM – “The Evil Tree is genuinely haunting… even scary…”
SEQUENTIALTART.COM – “The Evil Tree will remind you of why you loved the movie The Evil Dead, with significantly less tree rape. More dead kids though.”

TITLE: Champions of the Wild Weird West
DESCRIPTION: The honor of a samurai, the mysticism of the Native American Culture, and a whole heck of a lot of Old West Action. When a fallen samurai is drawn to the United States to save his wife-to-be and her father, he is drawn into a plot much more complex than a simple rescue. Meeting up with an adventurer, his Indian financial advisor, a mercenary, and a former priest, they set off on a quest to save the West from the strange and unimaginable. Zombie Indians, mystical beings, and mad science are just a few of they must face on their quest to save themselves, those they love, and the whole of the Old West.

TITLE: Deadly Harvest
DESCRIPTION: Core mining, the deadliest job in the galaxy, draws only the bravest, or craziest, workers around. Bumping up to asteroids, typically propelling at astronomical speeds towards distant stars, the miners harvest minerals essential to interstellar travel and commerce. Close quarters, dangerous conditions, and less than a half inch of polymer sheath stand between them and swift oblivion. When the Harvest Moon stumbles upon a goldmine dangerously close to a star, the last thing they expect to find is an ancient alien race preparing to hatch an infestation throughout the system. Armed with mining tools and sour attitudes, Captain Cyrus Layne and his crew must survive the horrors of space and an unfamiliar enemy to escape with their lives.

TITLE: The Book
DESCRIPTION: En route to Italy, a group of American tourists learn of a series of DIY travel guides, nicknamed “The Book”. These unofficial guides are collected and updated with first-hand experiences by the travelers themselves. Different “Books” scatter the continent, telling of the best lodging, deals, and “off the grid” adventures from sight seeing to local folklore for anyone clever enough to find them. A local cult, practitioners of Sanctus Letum, the Holy Death, disrupts the American’s plans for adventure when they hide pages from the Dark Book, Shaitan, in one of the travel guides. The friends are lead down a path of secret religion, death, resurrection, and demonology.

All four of these books will DEBUT at SDCC this year. The Evil Tree is to be released in September officially, and is currently in Diamond Previews… Champions of the Wild Weird West is going to be in Previews in August for an October Release, Deadly Harvest in September’s Previews for a November Release, and The Book in October’s Previews for a December Release.

Stay tuned to this channel for more!

-Erik Hendrix

Back to Vegas – An Interview with Erik Hendrix at ComicBloc

Here’s an interview Erik Hendrix did with Comic Bloc, which you can READ IN FULL HERE.

Smaller companies face the challenge of creating their brand from scratch.  They have to get their name out there.  That perhaps  is the biggest guy to the smaller guy’s suggest.  He who gets his name out there the best, wins.  In comic terms that isn’t just properties like superman or batman, but names like Grant Morrison, Jim Lee and Brian Michael Bendis.  These people are well-known and their names give the impression of their works before you even read page one.

Arcana Comics are one such company trying to get the same recognition DC and Marvel do for comics.  They’ve done a variety of incredible books, including works like 100 Girls, Kade, and Snow Angel to name a few.  This book I’m looking at today is no exception to the high standards of quality and entertainment Arcana provides.

I had a chance to read Sideshows: Book One by Erik Hendrix and Michael David Nelson.

To quote Hendrix:  “SideShows is about a group of former Circus Attractions who are working hand in hand with the mob in 1950′s Las Vegas and when their boss, “Slick” Mick Carpoli, throws them at the wrong adversary, they end up opening a Pandora’s Box of problems.”

Mark Carpoli sends the sideshows after some greasers that are in town.  A simple message turns into all out war and the action escalates fairly quickly from there.  Hendrix weaves a smart, engaging story.  I love the concept of super powered sideshows and am glad that this will only be the beginning.

What makes this story so strong is the art.  It’s not Nelson’s cleanest work, but the style adds to the seedy nature of the story and gives the story a sense of time and adds layers to the story.  It really draws you in from page one.

I had a chance to talk to Erik Hendrix not only about Side Shows but also a bit about his job as VP of Marketing for Arcana.

JP: In your own words what is Sideshows all about?

EH: I’m the writer, they’re all my words! Ha ha… SideShows is about a group of former Circus Attractions who are working hand in hand with the mob in 1950′s Las Vegas and when their boss, “Slick” Mick Carpoli, throws them at the wrong adversary, they end up opening a Pandora’s Box of problems. The original idea had a single sentence that says it best, though, about the world ~ High rollers, lounge singers, cigarettes, alcohol, and superpowers. Welcome to Las Vegas.

JP:   Why the 1950s Las Vegas? Where does your love of this particular period come from?

EH:  1950′s Las Vegas is just plain magic. I had no real appreciation for Vegas when I was younger, because all I knew was the flash of New Vegas, the over the top strip, full of casinos, alcohol, bright lights, and Broadway-style productions. I was introduced to what Old Vegas was about by my grandfather-in-law, who showed me what Vegas once was, by taking me to the Old Strip (Fremont Street), walking me through casinos, and just talking. In some of the older casinos, they have old slot machines to check out. Most you can’t touch, but up until a few years ago, there was one coin-operated machine, which looked like it has seen action for about fifty years. There’s something about the elegance of those old machines and when you look at old pictures of Vegas, the same elegance is there. I’m not saying everyone went around everywhere in a suit and tie or dresses, but there was something more pure about the gambling experience. Throw in a ton of movies set in Vegas where everything really looked slick, and you have the basis for the setting of SideShows. After the initial idea came around, I did a lot of reading about what was going on in the nation and in Las Vegas particularly at the time… It’s fiction, so I took liberties, of course, but I hope the love of the city and the time period really comes through.

JP: As I stated, the art is really cool.  Notice it’s a little different from your normal style?  Where was the evolution of this?

EH:  Most of the artists I worked with before Michael and I really started digging into SideShows, were very realistic. With SideShows, Michael and I wanted to pull the style back to an earlier time to some degree, while modernizing it. What came out of Michael in the end was a somewhat impressionistic style, mashed with something like what Jack Kirby did with the Fantastic Four back in 1961. The moody style works well for the book.

JP:  Will there be sequels to Sideshows?  Are you and Michael working on other things together?

EH: Yes and Yes… SideShows should be at least three books to get through the complete set of ideas I have for the characters and world. Can’t WAIT to get started working through my notes for book two! As for Michael and I, we have been collaborating for about two years now on various ideas. Some of the books I have coming out from Arcana are co-created and/or co-written with him. He’s a talented guy!

JP:   I asked you why Las Vegas, now I’m asking you why the circus?

EH:   I have always been creeped out a bit by “SideShow” attractions but also very fascinated by them. The thing about them, though, is that most of it’s a gag. You see the Lizard Man these days and he’s a self-made SideShow… tattoos, sub-dermal implants, forked tongue, etc… All great, but thinking about it, what if these people had real abilities? What if the strong guy wasn’t just tossing around foam dumbbells, but could really lift tons? What if the “flea circus” actually had real fleas? What if the guy throwing around “stage magic” was actually a real magician? Crossing the attractions with the supernatural and mystical just seemed to fit.

JP:  You’re not just a writer with Arcana.  Can you explain to me what you do for them and how your role has evolved?

EH: Over at Arcana Comics, my involvement with them has evolved from a creator looking to get my books out into the world into something more. After SDCC 2009, I had a bunch of ideas I was wanting to pitch to various publishers. Arcana’s name kept popping up.  Something about their offerings appealed to me, and within several weeks, I sent one of my ideas over to test the waters.

Maybe it was just perfect timing, but I heard back within twenty-four hours that they were interested in the idea and we worked out some details. By the end of the year, before even the first project was finished up, I had three contracts with them.