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FACTION – Science Fiction epic set in the near future. Follow the exploits of Acker Kinney and his fellow Knights in the Society of the Enlightened! By Erik Hendrix, Arnie Gordon, & Michael Nelsen.
THE GOLDEN AGE IS DEAD – By Erik Hendrix, Michael Nelsen, and Ibrahim Mustafa.


THE EVIL TREE (TO BE PUBLISHED BY ARCANA) – A story of love and loss through the generations, what depths a family will go through to survive the horrors of reality, and what a group of friends will do to survive what the past brings to them. By Erik Hendrix & Denman Rooke.
THE DETECTIVE BOOK (TO BE PUBLISHED BY ARCANA)- William Kramer, beat cop & aspiring detective in the NYPD has a secret, one he doesn’t want anyone in his life to figure out. Events, however, are conspiring against him, forcing him to face and even expose this secret to the world. By Erik Hendrix & Sachin Nagar.
VENT – Set in the near future in a world just like our own… only better. Using VENT goggles – glasses that overlay complex 3-D images over the wearer’s reality – a gaming culture plays out fantasy role-playing in real time and in person. Everything goes wrong when one of the players turns up dead. By Michael Nelsen.
THE SCI FI EPIC – This web comic is going to blow you away… that’s all we can really say about it. The artist we are talking to planning to draw this will surprise the heck out of you, believe me! His work drops jaws and this story will showcase just how great he is. By Erik Hendrix, Michael Nelsen, & our secret artist.


By Erik Hendrix, Michael Nelsen, and Robert Rath.


By Erik Hendrix and Hyunsang Michael Cho

THE ASSOCIATE – When ancient secrets, occult powers, or terrible beings are set loose upon the world, THE ASSOCIATE is called to set things right. By Jason Danzeisen & Michael Nelsen.

STEEL RISING – Dwarves as successful business men, Orcs & Trolls in the military, & Dragons sleeping under the Golden Gate Bridge. Mages have been declared a danger to normal beings and are hunted, imprisoned, & killed. A few remaining are deep in hiding, afraid to receal their power to the world. One of the last remaining Mages must find a Black Ruby with the power to destroy the world… or destroy it. By Brad Huffman-Parent, Brad Thingvold, & Joel Moen.
SKIP TRACERS – A twisted & dark world gives birth to superhumans, all as flawed and cracked as the world they inhabit. When criminals with strange powers evade the system designed to punish them, it’s up to Cassian "Cash" Aberfeld and his group of super-powered bounty hunters to clean up the mess! By Jason Danzeisen & Michael Nelsen.
UNBEATABLES – Rival schools, strange origins, Unbelievable powers. A group od the most intelligent minds in the world, codenamed Unbeatable, created gods among men. But now it’s all coming to an end… By Michael Nelsen & Erik Hendrix


By Erik Hendrix & Michael Nelsen