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Sample pages from Thanos!

Some of you may know that for the last year and a few months,┬áThanos Kollias has been hard at work on Faction! Well, we’re getting ready to finish the first graphic novel (at least the pencils/inks), so I thought I should share some of the new style with everyone! Thank you to everyone who has supported Faction since it first appeared in Small Press Idol 2009! There have been some delays since we lost artists and such, but Thanos is dedicated, and, as I said, close to finishing! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the style has has gone with for the story… I think his modern style with a classic Silver Age flair really makes this book shine.

Faction issue 1 – some samples and SDCC

Ok guys! Faction issue 1 was sent to the printer last night! You can see it first hand over at Arcana booth 2415 at SDCC starting on Preview Night! We’ll be at the booth the entire time peddling Faction, Citizens, and Zedura Magazine, since Michael and I work for the magazine (I’m the EIC and Michael the Creative Director). You’ll notice a lot of names on the book, too… Arnie did the cover art and pages 1-8, Ibrahim Moustafa, the artist for Citizens, finished the book, doing pages 9-22. Why you ask? Well, for personal reasons, Arnie had to drop out of the book to focus on life, family, etc… We wish him the best.

To whet your appetite… take a look at some images from the issue!


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