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New Comic Releases Feb 14, 2018 – the Hunt

While we should be buying flowers (Right?), many will be heading to comic shops picking up new books… The Hunt, SideWays, a new Artgerm cover, the last issue of Invincible… What else? While only a couple of these may seem appealing to many, there are some good things coming out this week.

What did I miss? What books are you picking up this week, what did you pick up last week. Also, post your pick-ups on or after Wednesday.

Aftershock Comics:

Cold War 1 – In a world where cryonics is a reality, it’s curious where the mind goes in different people… For this team over at Aftershock, it’s frozen heads waking up to fight “in a war against unknown opponents for unknown reasons, to secure their place in a brave new world that doesn’t want them around.” What DOES the future have in store from us?

Danger Zone: <– I don’t follow Zombie Tramp, but I know a lot of people collect those books. There are two books coming out this week, Baby Badass and Black Betty, with multiple covers for people to hunt for – regular, bloody variants, risque variants, etc… If you’re curious, here are the main covers of both books. Anyplace that carries Zombie Tramp will likely carry both of these and maybe variants.

DC Comics:

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey 19 – A new storyline kicks off this week, “Full Circle”, with Batgirl / Babs taking a step back into her role of Oracle a bit, trying to start preventing crimes BEFORE they happen, but Huntress and Black Canary aren’t too happy about it. “Her first target? Bringing down the Calculator’s intricate network of super-villains.” Predictive crime isn’t a new thing, but in the world of the Bat-family, let’s see how this spins out! I’ll be interested to see with Calculator if it ties into crime statistics, analytics, etc.

Two cover options this week… Terry & Rachel Dodson (A) and Karmone Shirahama (B).

Dark Knights Rising the Wild Hunt – Scott Snyder and Grant Morrison team up on the script with art from Doug Mahnke to bring The Wild Hunt out of Metal… It’s The Dark Knights against The Flash, Cyborg, Raven, and Detective Chimp? What? This is going to be a weird and awesome one, right? We start to get an idea of what’s going to follow Metal, too, as we learn what has happened with the Metal Men, and “Challengers’ Mountain crackles with dark energy that will release an army of the world’s most nightmares into the streets of Gotham City!” I’m guessing this is going to lead into the new Challengers of the Unknown series as well. What will they pack into this one-shot?

Detective Comics 974 – I’m not positive if this is the issue before “Trial of Batwoman” or if they have changed the name to “Knight’s Fall”, but in the aftermath of what she did last issue, this is a must-read issue, I’m sure. If you haven’t read the last issue or the Annual, check them out.

Two Cover options – Guillem March (A) and Rafael Albuquerque (B).

Shade the Changing Girl Wonder Woman Special 1 – “Milk Wars” part three introduces us to Wonder Wife, the corporate-twisted version of Wonder Woman, looking like something out of the 50’s. Featuring another amazing cover by Frank Quitely, this chapter also has Shade the Changing Girl, split into three parts, “each representing a different mood, all in service to the perfect and beautiful Wonder Wife. But Happy Shade is starting to sense that not all is right in Wonderland, and she finds something strange staring back at her on the other side of the looking glass.” By the way, if you haven’t been pick up Milk Wars, each chapter has been featuring a backup story for the new Young Animals book, Eternity Girl. Looks good!

Sideways – Truly a Dark Nights Metal spinoff, the main character, Derek James, falls through “a rift into the dark matter dimension… [and] can create rifts in midair to leap through dimensions at will! But with that much power comes great liability-and cracks are starting to form in the fabric of the space-time continuum…” While this could be a “fun” book, the fact that this spins out of Metal tells us that it will be a bit darker – Metal, dark matter, dark dimension, cracks in space-time, etc… I’m anticipating a bit of a balance, but this could be one to watch.

Suicide Squad 35 – The new storyline, “Hacked”, launches this week with the resurrection of Hack, who is being used by someone totake revenge on the Squad.

Two Cover options – Ethan Van Sciver (A) and Andrea Sorrentino (B).

Supergirl 18 – Final issue of the “Plain Sight” storyline with “Kara… pushed to the edge and forced not to stay silent anymore. Supergirl must finally stand as the hero National City needs.” Since it’s what so many people are digging these days, here’s the Stanley Lau AKA Artgerm cover coming out this week.

Titans 20 – With everything going on in the last issues of Titans, it’s no surprise that the team is heading on hiatus… or “forced into a hiatus by the Justus League…” Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on, right? Arsenal is investigating a drug on the rise in NYC with his ex, Cheshire, by his side. should be fun, right?

Two cover options on this one – Paul Pelletier & Andrew Hennessy (A) and Nick Bradshaw (B).

Dynamite Comics:

Xena – She’s back! Meredith Finch is at the helm, writing the Warrior princess with gorgeous covers by husband David Finch and interior art by Vincente Cifuentes. Familiar or not with the character, I’m sure this will be a fun read for anyone who happens to pick up the series… There are several cover options, from Finch to Cifuentes to virgin, black and white, and blanks…

Image Comics:

Invincible 144 – This is it… The last issue. I feel kind of weird about this one, to be honest. I haven’t been keeping up, but I was reading this from the beginning and loved the series more than Walking Dead. I desperately want to get caught up, and I don’t want to end. I’m hoping there are more plans for the series. I’m betting there are, especially considering the B cover.

Two Cover options – Ryan Ottley (A) and Cory Walker (B).

Kick-Ass 1 – The NEW Kick-Ass is here, but who is under the mask? Well, if you have read any press over the last several months, you already know, but ignore all of that and just read what Millar and JrJr are putting out there, right? This should be a good read, I think. The book was always a bit over the top, the first volumn being the best of the bunch, but… this is certainly a chance to top everything, and it very well might if it grounds the overall franchise with a fresh batch of characters.

Lots of cover options on this one, but I’m just showing off the main, JrJr cover here…

Marvel Comics:

Captain America 698 – “Out of Time” part one is right here, which leads us toward issue 700… That one will be a DOOZY… Cap is in the future AGAIN, and has to assemble another band of heroes to combat… what? I wasn’t expecting Cap to head this direction, but if the book was predictable, it wouldn’t a fun, would it? I’m excited to see what’s going to happen, especially with issue 700. FYI, if you’re interested, there is a Hulk variant for this issue, too.

Star Wars Thrawn 1 – Probably THE most popular character of the Star Wars Expanded Universe has made it into the official (new) Star Wars Canon… Thrawn is getting his origin story in this mini-series by Jody Houser, and should be a doozy with amazing artwork by Luke Ross. It’s an adaptation of the Timothy Zahn novel of the same name, but don’t let that hold you back from a great read. There are multiple covers available, but here’s the main Paul Renaud Cover A.


New Comic Releases for Jan 31 – Annuals Abound!

Another week of a TON of DC to look at, but there are some other good things in the mix… Let’s just go ahead and dig in…

Dark Horse:

Hungry Ghosts 1 – Another great looking one from Berger Books… This one, the description reads, is “Inspired by the Japanese Edo period game of Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai, Hungry Ghosts reimagines the classic stories of yokai, yorei, and obake, all tainted with the common thread of food.” The cover is from Paul Pope, striking, and begs to be read… We’re looking at an anthology, of course, but the theme is a good one, and the author is a chef, Anthony Bourdain. Anyone else curious here?

DC Comics:

Dark Nights Metal 5 – The “A” cover could very well be the most anticipated of the series (not counting “boutique” variants). Capullo has been teasing this Batman Who Laughs image for months, and we know it’s going to be a sell-out, but Kubert’s BWL cover is pretty stellar, too! We’re in the pen-ultimate chapter of Metal on the brink of oblivion… What’s going to happen?!?!? Do we need 20 copies to find out?!? I don’t know… Maybe two. Ha ha…

Four cover options – Greg Capullo (A), Tony Daniel (B), Andy Kubert (C), and Jim Lee (D).

Deathstroke Annual 1 – I’m really enjoying the theme of the annuals this year, making them must reads… This one warns it could be the end of Slade as a hero, the finale of “Defiance”, and sending Deathstroke “down a shocking new path.” That, plus this stark polarized cover has me curious. Right?

Detective Comics Annual 1 – Perfectly timed after last week’s issue of Detective, here’s “Clay”, “the shocking, heartbreaking origin of Clayface, including his first conflict with Batman!” I’m sure this is going to be something to talk about… you know… water cooler talk, since everyone reads comics, right? Oh wait… Well, we can talk about it anyway!

Flash Annual 1 – And another one! Prelude to the upcoming “Flash War”, which is planned to be the BIG Flash event of 2018. Wally West is back is around in a world both familiar and unfamiliar, and not sure whether to let Iris know he’s around or not, and he’s in Keystone city helping Magneta, an old love. The book is described as “a major turning point for the Flash Family that sets the path for earth shattering stories in 2018.” Well… we’ll see!

JLA Doom Patrol Special 1 – Milk Wars Part 1 / Frank Quitely Cover – This kicks off something completely different or the “un-event of the year!” Holy crap, this is going to be a bizarre ride, but I think it would be shame to miss out! Steve Orlando and Gerard Way write this one with ACO bringing together the interiors, plus an eye-popping “Milk Man” aka Superman cover, this looks like it will be CRAZY!!! It’s going to go on for a few weeks, leading into a Young Animal re-launch of sorts. Again, it’s going to be bizarre! Doom Patrol and JLA versus RetCo trying to “repackage” stories and heroes for new markets… psychic cows with radioactive milk…. I’m going to smile all the way to the comic shop.

Motherlands 1 – I think all you need to do is read through the description to see why this sounds like a good pickup. “In a crazed future where unhinged technologies and interconnected parallel Earths have given rise to a spectacular class of super-criminal, the most beloved celebrities aren’t actors or rock stars, but the bounty hunters who traverse an exotic multiverse in search of impossible prey!” If that run-on sentence sounds half-crazy / half-over the top, I think that’s what they’re going for, but if pulled off, it could be amazing. Si Spurrier wrote Suicide Squad for a couple of issues, which delves into the insane a tad, maybe, and Rachel Stott has worked on several titles, including the Star Trek / Planet of the Apes crossover. Looks promising!

Two covers – Eric Canete (A) and Kim Jung-Gi (B)

Silencer 1 – Dan Abnett / John Romita Jr – Another one of the post Dark Nights Metal books… Silencer, former meta-human assassin is trying to live a normal life with a family, etc, but Talia Al Ghul comes after her with a mission and “won’t take no for an answer.” Silencer is “super-strong, highly trained, armed with devastating and stealthy meta-human abilities, [and]… is virtually invincible.” I’m guessing her family is not! With Dan Abnett and JrJr teamed up, this could be a bloodbath. We all know when JrJr brings on the pain, it’s an orchestra of blood on the page.

Swamp Thing Winter Special 1 – Tom King, Jason Fabok, Len Wein, Kelley Jones – This one shot should be a thing of BEAUTY… This is wrapped around a project from Len Wein that was originally intended to be a new series, so we get to see Len’s original script, PLUS Kelley Jones’ art. There’s also material from Tom King and Jason Fabok, paying tribute to Len and Bernie Wrightson in an all new story. I can’t wait to pour over the pages from this one again and again…

Image Comics

Elephantmen 80 – SERIES FINALE ‘LAST RITES’ A Death in the Family. The last issue. ‘Nuff said there… end of an era!

Spawn 282 – ‘DARK HORROR,’ conclusion THE EXCITING FINALE OF THE DARK HORROR STORY ARC! This issue marks the introduction of a NEW CHARACTER, soon to have its OWN Image comic book! <– Copied and pasted right from the solicit. They Keep talking about it, so maybe this is when it’s going to happen, ha ha…


Old Man Logan 34 – MOON OVER MADRIPOOR Part 1… This may be the final arc of Mike Deodato as the interior artist on Old Man Logan! So, enjoy it while you can! It’s also another crazy arc of OML against the Scarlet Samurai.

Phoenix Resurrection 5 – Finale – After five weeks and a ton of covers, we finally get to see the end game of the Resurrection. It hasn’t been what anyone expected (it rarely is, right?)… We’ve seen some gorgeous artwork along the way, but it’s time for this story to end and let’s usher in X-Men Red.

Multiple cover options, but here’s the Leinil Francis Yu cover.

Thanos 13 (2nd Print) – THANOS WINS Part 1 – This was one of the surprises of Legacy… Donny Cates taking over Thanos – sure, it was bound to be good, but a huge hit? Maybe not. Well, it has been and here’s the 2nd print cover with the Cosmic Ghost Rider from the future on the cover. If you missed it the first time around, here you go!

New Comic Releases Jan 24 – Get Covered

There are a lot of great covers this week, I think… Two NICE Bill Sienkiewicz covers are coming (Raven and Legion), but there are some others of note, including a Tony Daniel “700” in Flash, a Jae Lee special in an Inhumans book, and more…

Also, Marv Wolfman is writing some Titans related books… Plus, we finally get to find out what Batwoman is up to in the pages of Detective Comics. It’s about time!

BOOM! Studios:

Abbott 1 – This one might fly right under the radar, but with the creative team of Hugo-nominated Saladin Ahmed, who also wrote Black Bolt and Sami Kivel, this could be a great book. Tabloid reporter investigating grisly crimes tied to the “dark occult forces… that took her hudband from her. Forces she has sworn to destroy.” Worth a look!

Three cover options – Taj Tenfold (A), Marcaela Dawn (B), and Tula Lotay (C).

Dark Horse:

Vinegar Teeth 1 – This one caught me from the first line – “LOVECRAFT MEETS LETHAL WEAPON!” I don’t read a lot of humor books, but when genres blend a bit and humor is thrown in, I really don’t mind when it’s done well. This looks to be more of the poor bastard in a bad situation type book, so incidental humor, which I like. The rest of the solicit reads as such, too.

“As a human being, Artie Buckle is a grade-A schmuck. But he’s a pretty damn fine cop. Good thing, because Brick City is under siege from its citizenry and only an unlikely partnership with a mysterious, tentacled, extra-dimensional being can put an end to the escalating crime problem. Thing is, there’s a danger far greater than cub scouts robbing banks . . . oh my! Across space and time lies a far greater threat, not only to Brick City but to the world! Holy crap! Can the two get past their differences and save the planet? Well, of course they can, but getting there is gonna be a helluva fun ride.”

DC Comics:

Batgirl 19 – This one looks like a one-shot with Batgirl looking at Pengiun as the cause of a storm plaguing Gotham, but something larger may be afoot. Based on the cover images, that’s the big question… Will she have to work with him by the end to solve the mystery?

Two cover options – Dan Mora (A) and Joshua Middleton (B).

Detective Comics 973 – “Fall of the Batmen” finaly, which will lead right into the “Trial of Batwoman”… What is she going to do in this issue? “With the team in disarray and facing their most powerful adversary yet, Batwoman must make a critical battlefield choice-one with the power to shatter everything Batman has built!” Do not miss this one…

Two cover options – Guillem March (A) and Rafael Albuquerque (B). <– Both covers are great this week, but I’m digging the Batwoman most, I think. I accidentally pre-ordered one of each, though, so… oh well!

Doomsday Clock 3 – No need to really say anything here except that issue 3 is coming out and that there are two Gary Frank covers, right?

Flash 39 – This is an anniversary issue done RIGHT. The 700th Flash take kicks off with Barry against Gorilla Grodd in “The Perfect Storm” part one! Also, “If Grodd’s shocking attack on Central City wasn’t enough, the reason why-and how it connects to everything The Flash has faced since the Speed Force Storm-will rock our hero to his core… and change everything he thought he knew!” The other anniversary issues landed in the middle of storylines, which was really a missed opportunity for jumping on points for new readers. This is PERFECT.

Two cover options – Carmine Di Giandomenico (A) and Tony Daniel issue 700 Variant (B). <– Because of the great jumping on point, I am a fan of the “700” cover, but that Gorilla Grodd cover is AMAZING.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 37 – “Power of Zod” part one… The Corps versus a “recovering” Zod. This can’t be good, can it? I mean for the Green Lanter Corps, of course. Yikes…

Two cover options – Rafael Sandoval / Jordi Tarragona (A) and Barry Kitson (B).

Raven Daughter of Darkness 1 – Marv Wolfman stepping into the shoes of one of the Titans yet again? Of course we have to check this out! Raven on her own facing “a new, otherworldly menace that is all too grounded in reality,” plus we get to see a glimpse into her personal life as her family struggles to save her soul.

Two cover options – Yanick Paquette (A) and Bill Sienkiewicz (B). <– I’m a sucker for Bill Sienkiewicz on this one.

Teen Titans 16 – A special one-shot written by legendary Marv Wolfman, focusing on Starfire. Again, like Raven this week, can’t help but take a look at this one, since Marv knows these characters better than anyone else around, right? “A unseen villain has taken over the citizens of San Francisco with one target in mind…Starfire! Can Kory and her teammates figure out a cure for the masses before they lose control of their minds and bodies forever?”

Two cover options – Sami Basi (A) and Chad Hardin (B). <– My favorite is the Chad Hardin here…

IDW Publishing:

Gears of War Rise of Raam 1 – Revisiting the world of the Gears of War franchise, we get to see the “swift and brutal ascent of… the bane of humanity… RAAM… the most iconic villian of the Gears of War universe.” I played the hell out of the first Gears of War game, and the back story in the series was awesome. Glad to see they’re doing more with it through comics! There are multiple covers to choose from, but let’s just focus on the Cover A from Ryan Brown.

Image Comics:

Dissonance 1 – This one looks to be a complex fantasy / sci-fi hybrid full of powerful human-spirits, a “devious group who secrety run[s] the world,” warrios guards, and more. It describes itself as “a fantasy drama set in a sci-fi world unlike any other.” If the book can get a foothold and has a chance to tell a long-form story, I’d bet it could get really interesting!

Monstress 13 – Here’s a jumping on point for the gorgeous series from Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda… New arc and an oversided issue. “Maika has spent most of her life learning how to fight, but how will she fare when the only way to save her life… is to make friends?”

Marvel Comics:

Amazing Spider-Man 794 – Threat Level Red Part 1 – “NEARLY ONE YEAR AGO Spider-Man hurled the dangerous madman called Zodiac a full year into the future. IN THIS ISSUE Spidey catches up to him, and Zodiac’s had a whole year to prepare for their rematch!” It sounds to me like if Spider-Man tossed this guy a year into the future, Spider-Man has had a year to prepare, not the other way around, but maybe I’m missing something… I guess we just need to read the book and see!

Two cover options – Alex Ross (A) and a Todd Nauck Avengers Variant (B). <– Alex Ross’ art is always to drool for, but Todd Nauck has done a great job recapturing the era-specific Avengers love, didn’t he?

Inhumans Judgement Day 1 – With the Terrigen depleted, the Royal Family has been trying to track down “Primagen, the element that birthed Terrigen,” in hopes to save the Inhumans from a slow extinction. But… they have to face the Progenitors to get it. “The fate of planet Earth once again sits in Black Bolt and Medusa’s hands. The Progenitors are here to end their experiment once and for all – and our world with it.” The Inhumans, when done right, are always an great tale. I was never a fan when Marvel forced the Inhumans on us as a Mutant replacement, but things have calmed down with that, thankfully, and I think we’re back to a bit more of a balance with a larger number of them, but a fair number of tales with a good character set. Hoping this is a good one!

Three cover options – Daniel Acuna (A), Marcos Martin (B), and a Jae Lee Wraparound TV Variant (C). <– I’m easy, I like the regular cover a lot, but can’t help but fall for that Jae Lee art!!!

Legion 1 – Peter Milligan writing a mind-bending X-Book… yeah, that’s about right. After doing X-Statix waaayyyyy back and Shade the Changing Man, this is right up his alley, and Legion is in more than capable hands! Legion… or David Haller… “has always had trouble containing the multiple personalities in his mind. And with each personality comes a wild and dangerous mutant power. But now, a terrifying new personality is threatening to absorb these powers and take over David’s mind and body.” Given the success Legion had in X-Men: Legacy and, of course his TV series, I’m hoping this book does really well and continues for quite a while.

Four cover options – Javier Rodriguez (A), Niko Henrichon (B), Bill Sienkiewicz (C), and TV Variant (D). <– For my part, I ordered the regular cover, the Niko Henrichon, and extras of the Bill Sienkiewicz, because I always see him at SDCC… and I LOVE the cover.

X-Men Blue Annual 1 – This is the kick-off of a Venom / X-Men Blue crossover. “Spinning out of the events of Venomverse, the Children of the Atom and the Lethal Protector team up to take down an extradimensional threat!” I don’t know if this is the team-up we’ve been asking for (like the solicit says), but it could be interesting… There are four cover options, but let’s just look at the Nick Bradshaw Cover A.