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New Comic Releases Jan 3 – Big Returns

It’s a week of returns in comic land… The Signal over at DC, Adam Warlock over at Marvel, plus I can’t forget the fan-favorite Rogue & Gambit. Did we ask for them to get their own series? Probably not, but it will be VERY interesting to see if they can carry a book, just the […]

The Last Jedi – Embracing the Past, Letting Go, and Moving Forward – SPOILERS

***WARNING – THIS DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS – Read at your own peril! ***

Since finally getting to see The Last Jedi last week, I’ve had a lot of time to think about putting my opinion of the film “officially”.

I was thankful to avoid going into the film without spoilers aside from the little bits […]

New Comic Releases Dec 20-Bank Breaker

Seems like the Comic book industry would like us to go broke right before Christmas, OR they’re trying to get a nice push of books out before things get REALLY sluggish for a couple of weeks. I won’t speculate… Either way, though, there are a whole lot of things hitting the shelves this week to […]