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Dominatrix: Hellbent in Heels Review from Comic Crusaders

Never a bad thing when you get a review, especially when it’s a good one! ComicCrusaders put a nice one out for Dominatrix: Hellbent in Heels issue 1, coming out next month from Arcana Studios. It’s absolutely AWESOME when the work you put in is rewarded by someone reading it and GETTING what you’re trying […]

Gene Simmons’ Dominatrix: Hellbent in Heels and Zipper: Cosmic Jungle

Seems like just yesterday that I was working with Gene Simmons on Zipper vs Dominatrix: The Slave Trade! But… it has been about five years since I was writing that one. Wow! Now, though, I’ve written a BUNCH of content for Dominatrix, Zipper, and what comes after that… PDF’s are out to reviewers, reviews are […]

SDCC, SideShows, and Stuff! The 3 S’s?

This morning, I celebrate a return to reality. For me, reality is my wife, my dogs, work, and a lack of sleep. How about you? SDCC wrapped on Sunday, ending with a spectacular phone call with a rental company, who caused us all sorts of grief getting tables and chairs back to them, but I […]