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Wearing multiple hats

I was thinking this morning about the various hats we wear in life… In this case, though, the various hats happened to be all of the different projects we find ourselves involved in and actually switching between them. Depending on the given day, I play the role of husband, employee, project manager, writer, web developer, […]

Writing the Erik Way – World Building

Phase 2 – World Building

World Building seems to be an often missed step in the world of comic books. People assume at times that just because a book is set in the modern world or in a fantasy world or a “hero” world that you can rely on certain conventions and just run with […]

Writing the Erik way – Idea Phase

I’ve actually been writing since I was about six years old, so I’ve got 28 years of experience under my belt ranging from short stories to my ever delayed novel (got to finish that at some point). My most recent love for writing is comics, which I’ve been reading for over 25 years, but, believe […]