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AHHH!!! Coding… CSS… html… huh?

I’ve got a degree in information systems for those of you who don’t know… Stick me in front of most programs, I can figure out what they say and with some guidance on syntax, I can code to my heart’s content… Not like deep coding, but enough to make a solid graphical poker game or […]

Projects, content, and behind the veil look at things

First off… the sample image today is by Denman Rooke, the artist for my horror mini, which I can’t seem to get myself to talk much about… I’ll add more details on the book shortly, actually, because there is some info out there on the web, so I might as well… I’m just super secretive […]

Dreams and Dreaming

From a very young age, I had extremely vivid dreams. The most vivid I can recall was a nightmare I had when I was living on Oahu as a child where my family was chasing me around our house, trying to kill me. My mom woke me up that night, telling me it was just […]