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Black Friday, Star Trek, Lights, and editing

Just had four days off from work filled with shopping, decorating, editing, and Star Trek… How’s that for a weekend? On Black Friday, we were nuts and woke up around 12:30 am, got ready, grabbed mother-in-law and sister-in law, and camped outside of Old Navy, opening at 3:00am. They were handing out copies of Lego […]

9 years since ‘I want to push you in the grass’

9 years ago today I met Amanda, my wife, for the first time… a lot has happened since those care free days! On our first date, one of the turning points from casual date to something more was when I proclaimed to her, “I want to push you in the grass!” Why did I say […]

Big decisions, contracts, and congrats?

So, as usual, not naming names, but if you know me, you may know what I’m talking about… Got a contract offer on one of my books, so I’m staring at pages of contracts, signing, and sending in… Very daunting prospect, you know? Finding the “right” home for a book has several factors including rights […]