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On the DL…

Phew! It has been a crazy couple of weeks, so sorry for not keeping everyone in the loop recently. Christmas was cool, but the wife and I both got sick, which knocked us both on our rears… Still recovering from that, which took more sleep in a few days than I normally get in a […]

Finals, SP! Nexus, and some Rockabilly

So I find myself working on a final for school, a Native American studies class, prepping for the big re-launch of SP! Magazine, and listening to some old Stray Cats… Funny how many things can circulate in your head at one time.

Reflecting on the classes I’m taking this semester. Every class I sign up […]

Why college is evil… sometimes…

You’ve got to figure if we’re taking college courses our goal is to learn something, right? Well, in my case, I’m taking classes I’m interested in and want to learn about, but I do not feel like spending countless hours pouring over a text book in an “open book” test whose main goal is to […]