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Death at a Funeral – Hilarity interspersed with over the top antics

Amanda, my wife, mentioned to me a few weeks ago how excited she was to see the movie… I wasn’t sure myself, worried that it would be a case of the best bits from the movie being the only good parts overall… Oh man was I wrong…

First off, a little about the film… If […]

OOFTAH! Fighting for time…

Busy days filled with planning for SDCC and other conventions, doing homework, working on magazines (Arcana and SP! Nexus), writing, and, most importantly, spending time with my wife… Phew, just plain crazy.

This year so far has been filled with more hours of work than I could have expected, but it’s all worth it…

Had […]

Helping Run Arcana Magazine?!?

I already posted this over on the main CBC page, but I thought I’d reflect on it here, too…. Below the line is the official announcement. Back when I started working on comics in 2008 (yeah not that long ago), I didn’t know exactly where my place would be. I had aspirations of writing for […]