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The longstanding Cyclops vs. Wolverine “thing” in X-Men – Schism to Regenesis

Cover to Schism 5

I’m assuming you’ve seen some of the teasers floating around over the last several months in regards to Wolverine (Logan) and Cyclops (Scott Summers) having some big blow out, which culminates in Schism and leads to Uncanny X-Men getting restarted to issue one and Wolverine getting his own X […]

Flashpoint, The New 52, and JLA – SPOILER FREE and some other thoughts on this reboot thing…

Did you read Flashpoint and did you pick up the new JLA? Well, I did both…

I’ll admit that as soon as they announced this “New 51” thing, I was annoyed… Really annoyed. Not only would I NOT buy any of the books, but I was prepared to bend the ears of anyone who may […]