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Season in the Abyss OR Insanity (and tearful comedy) in hindsight…

Looking back, the last several months make a whole lot more sense… You know those movies you see sometimes where a bunch of random things happen throughout, you get extremely annoyed because nothing really makes sense, and then in the last few minutes a few realizations come through, and suddenly the entire movie makes sense […]

A Swift Kick to the Head – Metaphorically, of Course

Life is humbling.

You don’t realize how much so until you reach those lows that come only a few times in life that you always pray never come. For me, before a few months ago, I had one true low in life, in my early twenties. Now, I’ve had two.

I always considered myself a […]

Conquering my cruel mistress of sleep

Those who know me might remember my love/hate/love relationship with sleep… Really, for years I’ve considered it a complete waste of time, I got really annoyed at anything that messed with the few hours I did get. For a time a few years after high school, I found myself working two jobs, hanging out with […]