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New Comic Releases for Dec 13, 2017 – Random Shuffle!

There are a lot of random goodies this week, some that I missed when I was looking through Previews for this month. Let’s take a look!

BOOM! Studios:

Judas 1 of 4 – I remember seeing the solicit on this and I got REALLY curious… This looks like a mini-series painting Judas as the central figure who had the sacrifice himself for everyone, “grappling  with his place in ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told,’ and how much of his part was preordained.” Could be a very good read.

Two cover options – Jakub Rebelka (A) and Jeremy Bastian (B)



Dark Horse:

Giants 1 – I was going to completely discount this one at first… Giant kaiju-like monsters aren’t really my thing, but I was reading advance reviews and checking out some of the artwork, and this does look really good! This is the first American work of Carlos and Miguel Valderama.


DC Comics:

DC Universe by John Byrne HC – I’m mentioning this one because… well… it’s Christmas! I’m a Byrne fan and I figure some of you are as well! I like this one, because I used to follow Byrne around in his Marvel and DC work, when I could find it, so this book collecting everything is pretty handy!


Detective Comics 970 – You’re reading Fall of the Batmen, right? This is part two, but you can probably still pick up part one, since it came out a whopping two weeks ago. This looks to be leading to some shake-ups, so get caught up!

Two cover options – Eddy Barrows & Eber Ferreira (A) and Rafael Albuquerque (B)

Detective970A Detective970B_Albuquerque

Flash 36 – Jumping on point… This is the first part of “A Cold Day in Hell”… Looks to be a bit of a mystery as someone from The Flash’s Rogue’s Gallery is murdered inside Iron Heights Prison. Who could it be? What’s the larger consiracy… What is that tension-filled music playing in the background, and how do I turn it off?

Two cover options – Neil Googe (A) and Howard Porter (B)

Flash36A_Googe Flash36B_Porter

Supergirl 16 – While the issue itself is a random one, for all of your Artgerm collecters out there, the “B” cover is a Stanley “Artgerm” Lau… Don’t forget to track it down before the shelves clear out. Retailers are probably catching on to the hype.


Titans 18 – If you read my PreOrders post recently, you saw something about a Titans shake-up… I’m guessing that starts. right. here… “The Rise of Troia” pits Donna Troy against a “nightmare-Troia-a tristed veersion of hereself from the not-so-distant future, bent on destroying her friends and pushing Donna toward her own dark fate.” The last sentence of the description, however is what clues us in… “Don’t miss the stunning issue that’s destined to change the Titans forever!”

Two cover options – Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund (A) and Dan Mora (B)

Titans18A_BoothRapmund Titans18B_Mora

Image Comics:

Rumble 1 – So, the description tells me this is the return of a “critically acclaimed” book, but I’m not familiar with it… There’s also a B Cover by Mike Mignola. I must be asleep at the wheel! Ancient warrior god turned sword-wielding scarecrow turned into something else. Guess we’ll have to wait, read, and see.

Two cover options – David Rubin & Dave Stewart (A) and Mike Mignola & Dave Stewart (B)

Rumble1A_RubinStewart Rumble1B_MignolaStewart

Marvel Comics:

If you’re looking for Phoenix Variants this week, check on Amazing Spider-Man 792, Daredevil 596, Despicable Deadpool 290, Falcon 3,  Punisher 219, and She-Hulk 160… I think Deadpool is probably the most entertaining, just because it has nothing to do with Phoenix!


There are two lenticular covers this week – one for Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 27 and another for Weapon X 12. I have to say, though, that Weapon X knocks it out of the park just for an amazing cover, Lenticular or not.


Keep an eye out, too, for three True Believers tied to Phoenix this week – True Believers Phoenix Bizarre Adventures 1, True Believers Phoenix Classic 1, and True Believers Phoenix Returns 1. The most important of the three, I believe, is Bizarre adventures, because it’s a rare magazine, and it is the first time it has been released in color. The Classic issue has some material from the backing features of Classic X-Men, which many haven’t seen. Phoenix Returns is from an issue of the Fantastic Four AFTER Phoenix died (the first time) and Jean Grey was discovered to be alive (the first time).

PhoenixBizarreAdventures PhoenixClassic PhoenixReturns1

Amazing Spider-Man 792 – This is the first cross-over for Venom Inc (Part 2 overall). If you’re going to get the whole thing, be sure to pick it up! Spider-Man, Venom, Black Cat, some new villain named Maniac, and more… Should be nice and nuts.

Three cover options – Alex Ross (A), Ryan Stegman (B – limited variant likely), and Ryan Stegman Phoenix Variant (C – Exceed Variant). The Alex Ross variant has a hidden character on the advertising, but I do have an image revealing who it is… You might want to make sure to get this one… It’s important on two levels, but I won’t spoil it.

ASM792A_Ross ASM792B_Stegman ASM792C_Phoenix

Weapon X 12 – I already mentioned the Lenticular cover, which is GREAT, but this is the first part of a new storyline, Nuke-Clear War… It has to do with Mutant Genocide in a small, third world country. Maybe Genosha on a smaller scale? Either way, Weapon X to the rescue! I’m looking forward to Greg Pak and team doing something new after the Weapon H “stuff”…  There are multiple covers, of course, but I’m just showing the main and an incentive cover, because it’s nuts… There’s the regular, lenticular, headshot, trading card, and incentive.

Regular cover by Rahzzah


Incentive Cover by Andrea Sorrentino


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