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New Comic Releases for Jan 31 – Annuals Abound!

Another week of a TON of DC to look at, but there are some other good things in the mix… Let’s just go ahead and dig in…

Dark Horse:

Hungry Ghosts 1 – Another great looking one from Berger Books… This one, the description reads, is “Inspired by the Japanese Edo period game of Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai, Hungry Ghosts reimagines the classic stories of yokai, yorei, and obake, all tainted with the common thread of food.” The cover is from Paul Pope, striking, and begs to be read… We’re looking at an anthology, of course, but the theme is a good one, and the author is a chef, Anthony Bourdain. Anyone else curious here?

DC Comics:

Dark Nights Metal 5 – The “A” cover could very well be the most anticipated of the series (not counting “boutique” variants). Capullo has been teasing this Batman Who Laughs image for months, and we know it’s going to be a sell-out, but Kubert’s BWL cover is pretty stellar, too! We’re in the pen-ultimate chapter of Metal on the brink of oblivion… What’s going to happen?!?!? Do we need 20 copies to find out?!? I don’t know… Maybe two. Ha ha…

Four cover options – Greg Capullo (A), Tony Daniel (B), Andy Kubert (C), and Jim Lee (D).

Deathstroke Annual 1 – I’m really enjoying the theme of the annuals this year, making them must reads… This one warns it could be the end of Slade as a hero, the finale of “Defiance”, and sending Deathstroke “down a shocking new path.” That, plus this stark polarized cover has me curious. Right?

Detective Comics Annual 1 – Perfectly timed after last week’s issue of Detective, here’s “Clay”, “the shocking, heartbreaking origin of Clayface, including his first conflict with Batman!” I’m sure this is going to be something to talk about… you know… water cooler talk, since everyone reads comics, right? Oh wait… Well, we can talk about it anyway!

Flash Annual 1 – And another one! Prelude to the upcoming “Flash War”, which is planned to be the BIG Flash event of 2018. Wally West is back is around in a world both familiar and unfamiliar, and not sure whether to let Iris know he’s around or not, and he’s in Keystone city helping Magneta, an old love. The book is described as “a major turning point for the Flash Family that sets the path for earth shattering stories in 2018.” Well… we’ll see!

JLA Doom Patrol Special 1 – Milk Wars Part 1 / Frank Quitely Cover – This kicks off something completely different or the “un-event of the year!” Holy crap, this is going to be a bizarre ride, but I think it would be shame to miss out! Steve Orlando and Gerard Way write this one with ACO bringing together the interiors, plus an eye-popping “Milk Man” aka Superman cover, this looks like it will be CRAZY!!! It’s going to go on for a few weeks, leading into a Young Animal re-launch of sorts. Again, it’s going to be bizarre! Doom Patrol and JLA versus RetCo trying to “repackage” stories and heroes for new markets… psychic cows with radioactive milk…. I’m going to smile all the way to the comic shop.

Motherlands 1 – I think all you need to do is read through the description to see why this sounds like a good pickup. “In a crazed future where unhinged technologies and interconnected parallel Earths have given rise to a spectacular class of super-criminal, the most beloved celebrities aren’t actors or rock stars, but the bounty hunters who traverse an exotic multiverse in search of impossible prey!” If that run-on sentence sounds half-crazy / half-over the top, I think that’s what they’re going for, but if pulled off, it could be amazing. Si Spurrier wrote Suicide Squad for a couple of issues, which delves into the insane a tad, maybe, and Rachel Stott has worked on several titles, including the Star Trek / Planet of the Apes crossover. Looks promising!

Two covers – Eric Canete (A) and Kim Jung-Gi (B)

Silencer 1 – Dan Abnett / John Romita Jr – Another one of the post Dark Nights Metal books… Silencer, former meta-human assassin is trying to live a normal life with a family, etc, but Talia Al Ghul comes after her with a mission and “won’t take no for an answer.” Silencer is “super-strong, highly trained, armed with devastating and stealthy meta-human abilities, [and]… is virtually invincible.” I’m guessing her family is not! With Dan Abnett and JrJr teamed up, this could be a bloodbath. We all know when JrJr brings on the pain, it’s an orchestra of blood on the page.

Swamp Thing Winter Special 1 – Tom King, Jason Fabok, Len Wein, Kelley Jones – This one shot should be a thing of BEAUTY… This is wrapped around a project from Len Wein that was originally intended to be a new series, so we get to see Len’s original script, PLUS Kelley Jones’ art. There’s also material from Tom King and Jason Fabok, paying tribute to Len and Bernie Wrightson in an all new story. I can’t wait to pour over the pages from this one again and again…

Image Comics

Elephantmen 80 – SERIES FINALE ‘LAST RITES’ A Death in the Family. The last issue. ‘Nuff said there… end of an era!

Spawn 282 – ‘DARK HORROR,’ conclusion THE EXCITING FINALE OF THE DARK HORROR STORY ARC! This issue marks the introduction of a NEW CHARACTER, soon to have its OWN Image comic book! <– Copied and pasted right from the solicit. They Keep talking about it, so maybe this is when it’s going to happen, ha ha…


Old Man Logan 34 – MOON OVER MADRIPOOR Part 1… This may be the final arc of Mike Deodato as the interior artist on Old Man Logan! So, enjoy it while you can! It’s also another crazy arc of OML against the Scarlet Samurai.

Phoenix Resurrection 5 – Finale – After five weeks and a ton of covers, we finally get to see the end game of the Resurrection. It hasn’t been what anyone expected (it rarely is, right?)… We’ve seen some gorgeous artwork along the way, but it’s time for this story to end and let’s usher in X-Men Red.

Multiple cover options, but here’s the Leinil Francis Yu cover.

Thanos 13 (2nd Print) – THANOS WINS Part 1 – This was one of the surprises of Legacy… Donny Cates taking over Thanos – sure, it was bound to be good, but a huge hit? Maybe not. Well, it has been and here’s the 2nd print cover with the Cosmic Ghost Rider from the future on the cover. If you missed it the first time around, here you go!

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