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London Day 6 – Westminster, West End, and Wicked

And here’s day 6 of our trip to London! We actually got a REALLY late start today… Crazy late as you may have been able to tell by my post yesterday. It’s after midnight now and we just got back a little bit ago from our day of adventure.  In fact, we’re still up plotting a meal, since we didn’t manage to find any good GF options on our path. I know we could have found something, but it could have caused us to be late for a show tonight.

We didn’t get up until after noon today (!!!!), but got ready fairly quickly and out the door. We hopped on the 11 up the street and went straight to Westminster. We have been through there heading down to the tube, but this was the first time we really got to stop and take it in a bit. Pictures don’t do it justice, I assure you. The scope of the area, the number of things to see… It’s just vast. Not just that, though, but the large and small details. You can appreciate something like Westminster Abbey because it is this huge building, old, and beautiful. But, you walk up to it, and you see the intricate details and marvel at those as well. A doorknob, an engraving on the side, an angel up above your head that you only see if you’re standing right under it, the details carved into a door. Well, you get the idea. We didn’t get a full appreciation of the stained glass… Not sure when the best time to see that is, perhaps on a sunny day, but it was still gorgeous.

Well, I think you get the idea on the Abbey! I could have spent a day JUST at the Abbey, that’s how amazing it was to look around. We went in the shop, spent a few pounds, walked around the Abbey (but not inside because it was closed for the day), toward Big Ben, but not to it, and then back toward the West End. We stopped by a Starbucks in the hopes of getting a GF sandwich, but they were out of them. Doh! Next stop, The Apollo Victoria for Wicked! The theatre was amazing! I’ll post some pictures tomorrow, because I need to get to sleep, but it was beautiful there!

I actually bought tickets for the show for Amanda for her 30th birthday back in November. It was a long wait for the show, but worth it! She loved it… Definitely her favorite show and there’s a HUGE difference between seeing a show in our neck of the woods versus London.

More to come on Day 6, but not right now… I’ll post pictures of the Apollo, and discuss our late night once we got home. It’s now 2:21 am and we don’t want to sleep until noon again, so off I go!

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