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Vacation Day 12, Ireland Day 3 – Central Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Back to London!

Today was a LOT of driving! We started our day in Birr at the B&B we stayed at last night… We had a nice breakfast there of eggs, tomatoes, and some gluten free toast they tracked down for us! Very nice! From there, we went to a local castle and took some pictures, and I found another old church turned cemetery and took pictures there, too. Heading out of Birr, we quickly realized we wouldn’t be able to hit a bunch of castles and still make it to Belfast in time for our flight, so we changed our plan and started heading a different direction north rather than the normal path through Dublin. The thought is that we would see some interesting things on the side of the road on the way. Really, we saw a lot of prairie lands and some random amazing looking buildings here and there, but nothing absolutely mind-blowing. Not a problem, it was a nice drive through Ireland… I’ll take that any day over a comparable drive anywhere while not on vacation!

We made it to Belfast in plenty of time for our flight, did some duty-free shopping in the airport and waited for a while… After returning our rental car, we had a lot of extra time, so we relaxed and tried to re-juggle our luggage. Exciting, right?

Flight left Belfast around 8:45 and got back to Luton just about 9:45. We caught an earlier bus than we had planned, which was nice, so we were on the road at 10:15 and in the area of our flat by 11:15 and back to the flat by about 11:30. Quick snack and off to bed! We are planning to sleep in tomorrow, because the last few days has been a bit tiring. Ireland was amazing, but I think we need more time there to really let it soak in.

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