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Vacation Day 13 – Chelsea Harbour, Imperial Wharf, & a Walk About

Today was actually a pretty nice day! I had a rough night once we got back from Ireland, but that’s life, so we won’t bother discussing that… Just trouble sleeping is the bottom line. When I did get about today, we had slept in some (after 10), but we decided before coming back from Ireland that we would be a bit less ambitious! So, we got ourselves ready, made some breakfast, and dressed for the weather. Funny thing about the weather today, though… It was sunny and warm! Well, warm for London this time of year. I wore a t-shirt and a thinner jacked (didn’t keep that on long) and Amanda wore a sweater and a scarf, but the scarf stayed cosmetic for the day.

First thing we did was head straight South toward the River Thames. It’s kind of funny that we’re staying in Chelsea and are less than a half mile from the River, but haven’t really gone to it (not counting by the Eye). We’ve seen things on TV where they show boats tied up and are on the land because of low tide and in the water at high tide. Tide was REALLY low, so a ton of boats were sitting in the mud. I found it pretty interesting, though I find a lot of things interesting that are probably boring to others. Of course, I was also caught taking pictures of light posts, moss on walls, etc… Luckily, Amanda finds beauty in the same things I do, so even as the locals might have looked at me as a “nutter” or something, she knows what I’m up to.

As you can see from the picture… gorgeous day! We considered today a thank you for putting up with our “lumps” from some of our days in London and we intended to eat it up! Online, we read about some chopping near Chelsea Wharf, but for the life of us, we couldn’t find it. Wandering a bit further (and with some interesting navigation choices since stairs were all over the place and Amanda was in her chair), we did find some shops, but they were all swanky things we had no interest in shopping in… Bed shops, antique shops, high end clothes no one really wears (at least not that I know), etc… Bah, we said!

We knew about some more, ummm, entertaining shopping closer to Earl’s Court, so we started to head that way. On the way, we popped into a Tesco a little too close to that swanky area and a bunch of local businesses. Seemed like we couldn’t get out of people’s ways quickly enough. This was the first time it seemed like an entire microcosm (Tesco shoppers in a hurry near high end retailers and business type people) was rude and couldn’t even be polite when someone said “excuse me”, nor would they get the heck out of the way. Tossers… A few blocks away, we were back into the polite land of cars stopping to let you cross the road, people saying “excuse me” and “sorry”, etc… That’s the London I love, even if it’s a bit louder (more cars and construction all about).

Another nice thing about the walk that way is this lovely church we’ve seen before, but never take the time to stop and take pictures. Beautiful!

On the note of construction, it is all over London, but it’s not all new buildings, bigger, better, etc etc… It seems like a lot of the older buildings are getting touched up and reinforced maybe, but not replaced. I love that about the city. There is such a deep respect for old buildings and I bet there is a lot of discussion before something is completely torn down to be replaced. When you see such beautiful old churches and buildings, it’s easy to see why.

Anywho, on the way to Earl’s Court, we ate lunch at Ask Italian, since they had GF crust available. Don’t know if you’ve seen a “real” or at least closer to real Italian pizza… thinner, not a lot of toppings, but good! We had that, I had some gelato after (chocolate and hazelnut) and Amanda had Sorbet (raspberry). YUM!

Next door was a Waitrose, so we picked up a small amount of groceries and were back on the road! We walked through a souvenir shop, a small grocery with some other souvenir type things, and decided to go ahead and head back to the flat. Given the amount of walking I had already done, which amounted to a pretty wide circle around our flat, we actually weren’t too far from being back already! Cross a couple of streets, walk a few blocks, and we’re back at the flat.

When we got back, we started packing things up to see if we needed to get creative on packing or maybe even mailing some things home… Looks like we should be able to get everything back again, which is good and should save us a few bucks. Dinner tonight was GF mac and cheese courtesy of Amanda and some grilled chicken. Oh… we also picked up some hard cider from the Waitrose… Yum! They’re low alcohol content, so no stress there, but good stuff!

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