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SEVEN – A year in to a new job, juggling new accounts, enjoying responsibilities I had only dreamed of at my previous position.
SIX – Six years ago, I was spending lunch breaks at my day job working on a novel, still incomplete, just starting to get the nibble of other ideas, which would push me into comics.
FIVE – Five years ago, I had won a Small Press contest and was just making my first steps into the Independent comics world.
FOUR – Four years ago, I was helping run a publisher in my spare time, and starting to watch my graphic novels trickle out to the shelves, while juggling my day job, marriage, and ever-dwindling sleep.
THREE – Three years ago, I was a mad-man on a mission, at the peak of insanity, juggling a perfectly stressful day-job, a publisher outside of work, writing, marriage, and the rest.
TWO – Two years ago, I was just coming out of the hospital, recovering from the fall, which, in hindsight, was the result of an overly ambitious climb and imbalanced life, incapable of sustaining, and I was on the verge of re-uniting with family on a deeper level than I thought possible.
ONE – One year ago, I was just “waking up” both professionally and creatively, coming out of my shell and was TRULY happy for the first time in quite a while.
ZERO – Nine months into a new position, which is a perfect fit, ten days from turning forty, two months from the dream of fatherhood coming to fruition, and, outside of work, the imbalance which led to the fall, seems strong memory, not a trauma to relive.
They say life runs in seven year cycles. I suppose if I look back at the last seven years of my life in a very abbreviated form, it would be easy to say the same. Seven years ago, professionally, all I had was a path at my job and no thoughts of anything else aside from working on accounts and forward motion. I had no aspirations of leaving the company, moving on to another position, or anything like that… It was just work, and see what may come.  Creatively, I had yet to get “the bug”.
Seven years later, I had run the gamut of stresses, professionally and emotionally, from moving companies, fearing the loss of income from this transition, went through my own medical crisis, lost my creativity for a time (that deep passion and drive inside which pushes and inspires us to create new and wonderful things), and more!
But, I am renewed!
Despite this climb and impossible fall, further than I would ever have believed I could ever have fallen before, and more profound than I could ever possibly express in words, I stand. While the journey has taken me two years, I look back and see, it has been worth every step.
The transition from year to year, the lessons we learn along the way, the milestones we meet, each has merit, even if they mean a possible scar.
Do I consider 2015 my “Year Zero”? No, but I see the transition now… that path… the climb, the fall, and the smarter journey I’m taking toward my destination. Oh, the wonderful milestones I have to look forward to now as I breathe and not blaze along my path through the next seven years, the next cycle of my life.

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