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New Comic Releases-Nov 22-Doomsday Turkey

Before the Gobble Gobble, we have new comics to get this week. What to do? WHAT TO DO?!?!?!

Archie Comics – If you’re into Archie, another ongoing is popping up, Betty & Veronica Vixens with a few different covers. We have Eva Cabrera, Robert Hack, and Fiona Staples Options. Fiona Staples is a personal favorite of mine, so I’d go with hers if I was picking this one up.






Dark Horse Comics – If you picked up the first issue, Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil issue 2 comes out with a couple of cover options, so keep an eye out…

DC Comics:

Action Comics 992 – This reads like a filler issue, but I could be wrong. It could be a cameo issue for a new villain for all I know OR just letting us know right at the end who will be popping up next issue. No lenticular here, but a couple of nice covers by Francis Manapul and the ever recognizable Jerry Ordway.





Demon Hell on Earth 1 – This could be another good pick-up… All of the old Kirby books are making a comeback, and The Demon is another classic. The art from Brad Walker looks great, and the premise looks dark! I’m assuming the orders weren’t huge on this, either, so it could go either way… No variant options, so just the main to look at.


Detective Comics 969 – Another storyline starting up, Fall of the Batmen. Both covers look great, Eddy Barrows and Rafael Albuquerque, but the rooftop team shot really catches my eye. I was prepared to stop picking up this book after the last story line, not because the book is bad at all, just because I’m picking up SO MANY BOOKS. Now, I want to keep on reading. This one looks to interesting to miss. Successful bat-team versus a newly formed evil cabal. Cool!





Doomsday Clock 1 – Obviously, everyone is picking this one up… Or…. Well…. It just looks like it will be good. I’m just glad to see, after all of the talk about integrating the characters into the DCU, the other books released, prequels, etc, DC is finally just doing it. Time to see how it works and what happens after. There are multiple cover options, plus the 11:57pm (Tuesday) variant (black and white Superman). I think there’s a one-per-store variant out there, too, but not sure what that is. Expect some little buttons and other things, too. All of these are listed as Gary Frank.

Cover A – Regular


Cover B – Regular


Cover C – Lenticular


Cover D – 11:57 PM Release


Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider Man Renew Your Vows 13 – Eight Years Later Part 1! So, Peter, MJ, and Annie are now a little older, wiser(?), and still fighting crime together with Annie now as a teenager. Sounds like fun… There’s even a lenticular option for this if you’re interested.

Ryan Stegman:


Randolph / Lenticular:


McKone / Headshot:


Walsh / Variant (Not sure on rarity):


Christopher / Trading Card Variant:


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 25 – I’m curious if this one ties to Marvel Two in One… The storyline is “Fantastic Three”, it has the Human Torch and the Thing, talks about an alien cosmic menace, and even brings in the Silver Surfer. Makes you wonder! Will this be a sleeper? Regular, Lenticular, Headshot, Morphing, and trading card variants available.


Thanos 13 – Yes. That is it…. No, really, this one should be a a good one. Whether you care about the lenticular covers or not, pick this up for Donny Cates taking over regular writing duties on the book. There are regular, Lenticular, Headshot, and trading card options…

Shaw / Regular Cover:


Burrows / Lenticular Cover:


Red Giant Entertainment – Have you seen this? Neal Adams on The Villain? Looks like he co-created this with a couple of other folks and is drawing it.

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