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New Comic Releases Jan 3 – Big Returns

It’s a week of returns in comic land… The Signal over at DC, Adam Warlock over at Marvel, plus I can’t forget the fan-favorite Rogue & Gambit. Did we ask for them to get their own series? Probably not, but it will be VERY interesting to see if they can carry a book, just the two of them (forget supporting cast). I hope it works, since it will mean they’ll take more chances on other characters.

Let’s dig in!

BOOM! Studios:
Planet of the Apes Ursus 1 – This limited series follows General Ursus through his rise to power and what brought him to the Forbidden Zone. I have been fascinated with Planet of the Apes since watching the films and tv series as a kid in the 70’s and 80’s, but haven’t followed the comics religiously, but this looks like it could be an interesting one with five cover options, including four different artists and a virgin based on another. Here’s a look at one of the main covers by Paulo Rivera.

Planet of the Apes Ursus 1 A - Paulo Rivera

DC Comics:

Batman 38 – “The Origin of Bruce Wayne”… This sounds like a VERY clever way for Tom King to tell a Batman origin. Let’s look at it from the perspective of the people of Gotham City MINUS the Batman, or maybe it does include Batman, but as the occasional mystery figure. I’m only reading into this from the description, but Batman / Bruce is hunting for a killer that “puts him face to face with a strage mirror version of his own past,” but also Bruce is “forced to relive the worst tragedy of… [his]… life and his parents were murdered…” It’s a bit of a confusing and/or VERY mysterious description. I’ll say both, but I’m curious. With all of the walks down memory lane and historical “unpacking” of late, since this is a single story, I think it’s a must have.

Two cover options – Time Sale (A) and Olivier Coipel (B)

Batman 38 A Origin of Bruce Wayne - Tim Sale Batman 38 B Origin of Bruce Wayne - Olivier Coipel

Batman and the Signal 1 – I feel like this book has been coming for six months. Maybe I’m wrong, but was it solicited, delayed, and re-solicited? Regardless, here it is, without a TON of fanfare, but it looks good!! Scott Snyder, Tony Patrick, and Cully Hamner bring us Duke Thomas, out of the shadows, The Signal – the “Day” side of the Dark Knight…

Two cover options – Cully Hamner (A) and Declan Shelvey (B)

Batman and the Signal 1 A - Cully Hamner Batman and the Signal 1 B - Declan Shalvey

Exit Stage Left the Snagglepuss Chronicles 1 – This one was going to go right under my radar, but it’s written by Flinstones scribe, Marc Russell, and, as with that book, it seems to be a bit of a boundary pusher. I re-read the description and… wow… 1953 Cold War US, and Snagglepuss is a gay Southern playwright targeted by the House Committee on Un-American Activities? “When powerful forces align to purge show business of its most subersive voices, no one is safe!”

Two cover options – Ben Caldwell and a variant Evan Doc Shaner.

Exit Stage Left the Snagglepuss Chronicles 1 A - Ben Caldwell Exit Stage Left the Snagglepuss Chronicles 1 Variant - Evan Doc Shaner

Superman 38 – If you’ve been keeping track of the “Super Sons of Tomorrow” storyline, it ends here… “With no other choice left, the Batman of Toorrow brings in the Titans of Tomorrow totake on today’s Teen Titans-as the lift of Superman’s son hangs in the balance!”

Two cover options – Ivan Reis & Oclair Albert and Jonboy Meyers

Superman 38 A - Ivan Reis Oclair Albert Superman 38 B - Jonboy Meyers

IDW Publishing:

Star Wars Adventures Forces of Destiny Princess Leia 1 – Around social media and… pretty much anywhere I can… I sing the praises of Star Wars Adventures. I didn’t GET the series at first and maybe didn’t care, but I picked up some issues for my two-year-old (I know, I know), but read them and LOVED them. Primarily self-contained issues, the art and stories are easily accessible, but good reads and very entertaining. Forces of Destiny itself is a sixteen episode micro-series on the Disney YouTube channel, and there are accompanying toys and, obviously, comics! As mentioned, they are focused on younger audiences, but they are a good / fun read.

Four cover options, but a couple of them may be special variants (exceed or 1:X variants) – Elsa Charretier A and B Covers, Animation Cell, and Annie Wu.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Pricess Leia 1 A - Elsa Charretier Star Wars Forces of Destiny Pricess Leia 1 B - Elsa Charretier Star Wars Forces of Destiny Pricess Leia 1 Var - Animation Cell Star Wars Forces of Destiny Pricess Leia 1 Var - Annie Wu

Transformers vs the Visionaries 1 – Since the Transformers are part of a shared universe, we never quite know what kind of crossover may happen next… Well, this time, it’s the Visionaries! I’m bringing this one up because of Eisner-Nominated writer, Magdelene Visaggio, who has been tearing it up across the industry over the last couple of years, and is making her IDW debut here. She’s at the helm here, so this could be a VERY good story. Worth checking it out! Several cover options, but here’s one of the main ones by Fico Ossio…

Transformers vs the Visionaries 1

Image Comics:

Walking Dead 175 – It’s a whole new world out there in a new arc, “New World Order”… Since WD doesn’t need to tell us a lot to keep people reading, we just know that there are “NEW FRIENDS. NEW ENEMIES. NEW THREATS.” One thing we do know, though, is that there will be zombies, right? Anywho, there are two cover options here – Charlie Adlard and one of a new series of covers by Bill Sienkiewicz. These will continue over the six issue storyline and look NICE.

Walking Dead 175 A - Charlie Adlard Walking Dead 175 A - Bill Sienkiewicz

Marvel Comics:

Astonishing X-Men 7 – A new story arc (Act II) is starting up, “A Man Called X”, and Marvel is going all in with covers galore… Charles Xavier is back from the dead officially (body and all), and he has a plan to save the world, “whether you want it or not.” But the real question here is which “long-lost mutant returns to the world of the X-Men?”

It’s a cover explosion here, too… Mike Deodato Jr’s main cover, plus a Phil Noto (Variant), Chris Stevens (Variant), Marco Checchetto (Avengers Variant), John Cassaday (Lenticular Variant), Mike McKoneacy (Headshot Variant), and John Tyler Christopher (Trading Card)…

Astonishing X-Men 7 - Mike Deodato Jr Astonishing X-Men 7 - John Cassaday Lenticular Astonishing X-Men 7 - Trading Card Astonishing X-Men 7 - Avengers Astonishing X-Men 7 - Headshot Astonishing X-Men 7 - Phil Noto

Guardians of the Galaxy 150 – Well, based on the cover homage(ish), advanced solicits, and press-galore, I hope you already know what this one is all about! It’s called “The Return of Adam Warlock,” so there you go! Also, if you’ve read press, you may know that Guardians 151 isn’t coming, but I wouldn’t let that stop you from picking up this issue, because it leads right into Infinity. The cancellation of Guardians 151 I believe to just be a temporary thing to get us through the Infinity event, then Guardians will be back with a vengeance. So, pick this up…

Lots of cover options here… Alex Ross (standard cover is lenticular), John Tyler Christopher (Trading Card Variant), Aaron Kuder (Variant), Michael Allred (Variant), Mahmud Asrar (Avengers Variant), Skottie Young (Variant), Ron Lim Remastered Variant, and Ron Lim Remastered “Sketch” Variant.

Guardians of the Galaxy 150 A - Alex Ross Guardians of the Galaxy 150 C - Avengers Variant Guardians of the Galaxy 150 D - Skottie Young Variant Guardians of the Galaxy 150 F - Michael Allred Variant Guardians of the Galaxy 150 - Ron Lim Remastered Variant Guardians of the Galaxy 150 - Ron Lim BW Remastered Variant

Rise of the Black Panther 1 – Here we have the Secret Origin of the Black Panther… You know how we always have some sort of book come out right around when a film is coming and it’s not always the RIGHT book, but it tends to sell, because it’s a new number one or a one-shot or whatever? Well, this might be the RIGHT book at the RIGHT time for the Black Panther… Ta-Nehisi Coates, teamed with Evan Narcisse with art from Paul Renaud working together on the early years of T-Challa, a man destined to become king.

Several cover options here, including Brian Stelfreeze (A), Paul Renaud (B), Chris Sprouse (C), Tyler Kirkham & Arif Prianto (Avengers), Blank, and Movie.

Rise of the Black Panther 1 - Brian Stelfreeze Rise of the Black Panther 1 - Paul Renaud Rise of the Black Panther 1 - Chris Sprouse Rise of the Black Panther 1 - Tyler Kirkham and Arif Prianto Avengers Rise of the Black Panther 1 - Blank Variant Rise of the Black Panther 1 - Movie Variant

Rogue & Gambit 1 – X-Men’s favorite couple are back, but this time in their own series. As far as series go, in this day and age, it seems like a no-brainer to put the two of them together. If we can have so many solo-series, why not a duo of what the people want? It’s five issues, which may be all people want. I’ll call it a good test, and I hope it works!!!

Several cover options here… Kris Anka (A), Steve Skroce (B), Bilquis Evely (C), Mike McKone (Headshot), Danial Acuna (Avengers Variant), and Blank…

Rogue and Gambit 1 - Kris Anka Rogue and Gambit 1 - Steve Skroce Rogue and Gambit 1 - Biquis Evely Rogue and Gambit 1 - Headshot Rogue and Gambit 1 - Avengers Rogue and Gambit 1 - Blank

X-Men Grand Design 2 – Just in case you’re not paying attention… Be sure to pick up Ed Piskor’s Grand Design issue 2… Just sayin’!

X-Men Grand Design Cover A X-Men Grand Design Cover B - Character Variant

The Last Jedi – Embracing the Past, Letting Go, and Moving Forward – SPOILERS

***WARNING – THIS DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS – Read at your own peril! ***

thelastjediposterSince finally getting to see The Last Jedi last week, I’ve had a lot of time to think about putting my opinion of the film “officially”.

I was thankful to avoid going into the film without spoilers aside from the little bits that managed to sneak in from commercials, which, as Luke alluded to, weren’t going to go as we thought they would.

Personally, I thought Star Wars: The Last Jedi was an amazing film! As someone who has watched Star Wars from a very young age (I’m in my early forties, so… do the math) and has NEVER stopped loving the franchise… I was in the fan club for a few years even… I could be one of those guys who picked everything apart, scene by scene, griped about actors, directors, script, cinematography, lens flares (wrong director), etc, but that’s not me. I could gripe about the big D – Disney tossing aside all of the AMAZING Fiction written in the years since Return of the Jedi – The Thrawn Trilogy, Dark Empire Trilogy, Jedi Academy… Where are the Solo Twins? Thrawn? What about the Old Republic? Let’s see some crazy force powers like such and such video game? How about? What about? But but but…

That’s not me…

The advantage we had in Star Wars setting aside the old and moving forward with a NEW canon for the film franchise it allowed them to start fresh without sifting through so many years dealing with books, comics, games, shows, etc, which happened in different ages, between films, between each other, and worry about what went where and where they COULD fit.

Much like Marvel has done with the comics vs film universe, they can bring in characters, storylines, etc, from all of this amazing work done in the past, but be selective and re-introduce without the trappings of other history. They demonstrated this recently by bringing Thrawn in on the animated side.

Anyway, I’m digressing a little, but there’s a reason.

I loved the film for many of the reasons some DID NOT love the film.

Luke Skywalker is not the Hero with at Thousand Faces (Joseph Campbell) from the Original Trilogy – He is a broken down HUMAN. Every action, every word shows this. Watching the film shows a depth of emotion that pours from the screen from Mark Hamill – I was BLOWN AWAY.

When we meet up with him at the beginning of the film, we meet a broken man who has given up on life and is waiting to die. Rey and WE are interrupting that journey toward death. It is uncomfortable and it is meant to be.  This was perfect. While some of the moments come across as funny at times (intentionally for the audience), they are also sad and a bitter twist on Luke’s visit to Degobah, where he meets Yoda for the first time.

We learn through the film that he has failed Ben / Kylo and, thus his sister (Leia) and friend (Han)… failed his other students who turned to the dark side… his students who were massacred… lost his temple. He was left to die. He FAILED. It was a moment of trauma that none of us could imagine. Did he react WELL? I’m not talking about from a writing perspective, but from a human perspective? Well… maybe not… He let the universe fall. We say, “He’s Luke, he should have stood back up and taken them on – gone to Leia, etc etc etc…” But, that’s not what he did. Luke did something human – he gave up on what led him to that point, the force, and HIMSELF, and went off to find some semblance of peace and maybe some sort of understanding in his last days.

There may be more to the story in episode IX for that time gap, but that’s how I read it… We don’t have to agree with his decision. Hell, we know Mark Hamill didn’t at first, but has since realized why and apologized for speaking against the film’s vision… But, from, again, a HUMAN perspective, what he did was natural, sad, well-written in the context of the movie, and made for an emotional journey for Luke as well in the scheme of over two hours.

There now, and we have only touched on one character!!!

Aside from Luke, my favorite scenes of the film would have to be those dealing with Rey and Kylo Ren. On one side, we have an untapped force conduit (my words), Rey, who, once the power is turned on, doesn’t really know what to do with it – the light and dark side aren’t really concepts that make much sense since this is untapped, raw power. When first confronted with the dark side, she “falls right in” in a great visual scene. I wish there had been a bit more discourse in the scene about what happened there, though… If the dark side is about harnessing the force with your raw emotions, but “darker” emotions work better, and you don’t have a teacher, how would someone without a teacher know they’re going down that path? Can a practicing Buddhist reprimand a layman for getting emotional, for example, when they don’t know the Eightfold Path, nor have they taken the first step? This is such a little thing, though.

kyloreyBack to Rey and Kylo – the interactions between them were excellent, getting closer and closer, but both continuously confused as to why they were drawn and what the feelings were between them. From the audience, I felt myself uncertain as well, especially with Rey’s lineage still in question… Secret siblings? Related to a past Jedi in some way? What is the truth going to be… The final revelation from her merged vision of her shadowed parents was truly revealing – IT DOESN’T MATTER. Kylo says it in more details in the film, we can’t say for certain if that’s the end of it, but it does line up with what we’re seeing through The Force Awakens, Rogue One, the Last Jedi. The Force isn’t the exclusive realm of the Jedi, nor does it require some sort of pedigree… These aren’t wizards and muggles… This is the Force… You can be sensitive to it whether you’re some random bomb dropper, broom boy, monk, or alien.

kyloren2It seems like a Pedigree just comes with expectations, trappings, and a lot of anxiety. Kylo Ren definitely had lots of those, but it’s making for a great bit of anxiety on screen. What will he do next? Will he? Won’t he? HE DID? HE DIDN’T? Will he be redeemed? Can she do it? Did she do it? What just happened? The scenes through the film had us guessing throughout as to what would happen, but, in a lightsaber flick, everything went on its head in a way I didn’t see coming, and I tend to see some BIG moments in films telegraphed ahead of time. Frustrating at times, but I didn’t see these coming. Snoke (bye Felicia – maybe), back-to-back fighting, back to baddie, but the constant brooding, turmoil, and PLEADING.

Digressing a little, but one thing I try to explain to people when they’re writing Science Fiction and Fantasy is that they need to make sure they have something to firmly ground their story in reality – make it relateable to people, suck them in as much as possible. This way, they can suspend disbelief in other areas. So, we have characters who are believable, dialogue which is grounded, interactions we can find some way to identify with, etc, which makes this intergalactic war possible to accept.

So, maybe we don’t believe The Force is real, but we can accept the basic concepts of good and evil or that actions have consequences or you can identify with certain characters like Kylo Ren to some degree, this turmoil, because you can see this guy who struggles with not only his emotions, but a beyond complicated relationship he has with his family. It’s dialed to 11 – he’s on the opposite side of a war, he’s an evil Jedi obsessed with his dead grandfather and reports to some evil, force-wielding baddy, but there’s something there we can latch on to.

Same with Rey – abandoned, searching for something, and holds on tight to anything she can find securely. She also has a deep uncertainty to her because of that sense of abandonment… Where Ben / Kylo Ren threw his away, she was left behind. “Cast aside your past” vs “I don’t know my past” and, in the grand scheme of things, does it matter?

Rey / Kylo are the Yin/Yang human core of the film, but there is so much Humanity in the film, it should provide such and easy conduit toward proper escapism… shouldn’t it? By my calculations, there could be dancing CGI Jar Jars and even I would have cheered, but that didn’t happen, yet some were unhappy. Weird.

Maybe we just need to coo for effect and forget that whole thing… Porg it up, right? What was all of the hubbub about the Porgs anyway? The hate? They weren’t in the film for that long, they weren’t annoying, and, come on… They were cute.


One of the most “fun” parts of the movie for me was actually the dynamic between Kylo and Hux and watching Hux fail spectacularly over and over again, yet attempting to maintain his professional / authoritative stance. Did it remind anyone else of Ash’s botched “klaatu barada nikto” from Army of Darkness? “Ok then… Alright!” Sure, everything was botched, but let’s call Snoke and tell him how we’re NOT a total cock up, shall we? Domhnall Gleeson does such a great job in the role and the play back and forth between he and Adam Driver is certainly a more flushed out dynamic played out than we saw between Darth Vader and Tarkin in the original trilogy. We’re seeing a full range of emotions, but also why there should be some fear on both sides.

Heading over to Poe, Finn, Rose, etc… yeah, yeah, they failed miserably, but, again, so what? I think that was part of the point, too… Heroes don’t win every battle. It’s not always about the Hail Mary… We have to remember that the other people who fought around the Death Star I and II who DIED were just as important as the one guy, Luke, who made the kill shot. Just as likely, we could have moved on with the first guy who shot, “it’s off, it’s off,” and negative, it was a miss… Not every plan is going to succeed, but it doesn’t mean we don’t try. Is that the lesson we want to pass on to future generations – that you only do things if they are guaranteed to succeed? That’s hardly realistic.

This goes back to the humanity of the story AND the lessons the characters need to learn through a THREE PART STORY.

We need to remember that there is still one more movie to go, and, while we don’t necessarily understand why we met certain characters or saw certain things along the way, they may be critical in Episode IX. Maybe they won’t be, but we don’t know. The important thing is if the film was entertaining and if the scenes were entertaining, not if the characters pulled off their objective – that is incidental, I believe.

poelastjediPoe has a continued problem with bucking authority and trying to make grand “gestures” at the expense of lives, ships, ammunition, and fuel, in the hopes of saving the day. There is sure to be some sort of pay-off coming, but, when he finally does make that big / final call, it will weigh on him, “Am I making the right decision?” In the end, he will make the call, and it will be the right one. He needs the journey of three films. It’s a bit over the top – he’s a bit too cavalier in the films, in my opinion, (mostly a few lines that could have been tweaked with either line editing and/or delivery, which I’m too lazy to write out), but how he is right now is intentional. If time passes between films, he could be a bit more “seasoned” in IX. Maybe not, though….

finnroseFinn’s growth from the beginning of Force Awakens to the end of The Last Jedi is the most dynamic, especially considering he was asleep for part of it (healing), but much if it is due to conflict and what Rose has shown him through her eyes. Look at the downtrodden… Look at who is impacted by the machines of war and the money it produces. It is not just death it spreads, but oppression – here is where Rebellion grows. Without Rose and her sister’s sacrifice (BRILLIANT scene), we wouldn’t have Finn’s growth in TLJ demonstrated as well. And, as such, while a failed mission, it served an important purpose for us as an audience and for character development.

In the real world, there could be several, dozens, or more false leads and missions going on concurrently… On the screen, we have the pleasure of seeing the sure thing, the “win” most of the time. When it’s not the “win,” it’s because it’s leading to something else that will be the grand finale.

Speaking of grand finale, we’ll see in a couple of years what the true finale is to this trilogy. While opinions are all over the place on The Last Jedi, mine is firmly positive.

I could go on, of course… Holdo… Leia… Perfect! In case people decided to read this who haven’t seen the film, I don’t think I’ve really ruined anything, so I’m leaving big plot things out. Everything makes sense and… what can I say?

It’s obvious that we have we have generations of audiences programmed to a certain style of films and heroes, what they should do, how they should act, what they should day, proper resolution to situations, and what you should and shouldn’t put in films (what should end up on the cutting room floor and why)… Also generations raised by the hero with a thousand faces archetypes that no one really understands that way… None of those things put into consideration the HUMAN aspect and magic of storytelling.

I think audiences so want to escape to another world and want that world to be better – they want their heroes to be better than we would be. But, unfortunately, they want it both ways, too. If this wasn’t a Star Wars film, if you took away all of the trappings. Go back to “laser swords” (thank you for using that in the film!!” and Starkiller and don’t call it the force, no Vader or Yoda or Leia… Just a NEW Sci-Fi universe with all of the elements, but NOT Star Wars, yet different enough not to be compared to it – People would have loved it.

Fans need to embrace their past with the franchise, because it’s beautiful, but also look forward to a new frontier being explored by brilliant writers and filmmakers who want to share THEIR vision of the Star Wars Universe originally created by George Lucas. We were not 100% happy with his execution of the Prequel Trilogy and we are blasting the Sequels for giving us what we asked for.

“This isn’t my Luke!”

That’s good. He’s not you’re Luke…. Luke is in the head of whoever is writing him, right where he belongs.

New Comic Releases Dec 27 – Tryptophan

New Comic Releases Dec 27 – Triptophan

The week before Christmas through the first week in January, I would consider a bad one for releasing books to comic shops, but I guess no one let publishers know that! As long as there’s a big draw to stores (event or new/great book or series), something will get people in there anyway. For gifts, people don’t think, “oh, let me pull something from the new release wall!” Or, at least they shouldn’t…

Anyway, let’s see what we have in store after we’ve already had to loosen our belts from last week…

DC Comics:

Action Comics 994 – If you’re following, this is “Booster Shot” part two, but the first description where they verify the story is about Superman and Booster Gold being off to “verify Mr. Oz’s identity.” Plus, “a mysterious force attempts to sabotage the journey.”

Two Covers – Dan Jurgens / Trevor Scott and Francis Manapul

ActionComics994 ActionComics994_Manapul

Batgirl 18 – One Shot? Batgirl vs Harley Quinn in Burnside  in the holiday season “on a wild-goose chase around the city to find a cure… after the maid of mischief infects Barbara Gordon’s company party with a killer virus.”

Two Covers – Dan Mora and Joshua Middleton

Batgirl18-Dan Mora Batgirl 18 - Joshua Middleton

Detective Comics 971 – Fall of the Batmen Part 3 – This is a Huge storyline for Detective, so I’d recommend keeping up! Something big coming for Batwoman… I’m really wondering, too, if it ties to her own book, but not sure… I’m watching!

Two Cover Options – Eddy Barrows & Rafael Albuquerque

Detective Comics 971 - Eddy Barrows Detective Comics 971 - Rafael Albuquerque

Doomsday Clock 2 – You know you’re going to buy it, right? Do we need to talk a bout it? I bought too many copies, because I wanted multiple versions, and I couldn’t wait for my mail-in versions, ha ha…

Two cover options, both Gary Frank – “First Panel” (Classic) and Modern <– At least that’s how I’d describe them.

Doomsday Clock 2 - First Panel Classic Cover Doomsday Clock 2 - Modern Cover B Gary Frank

Hawkman Found 1 – We finally get to find out what has happened to Hawkman (Carter Hall) after years of being missing in New 52 / Rebirth / Whatever, and how that ties to Dark Nights: Metal. This should be a crazy ride!

Two Cover Options – Liam Sharp and Jim Lee

Hawkman Found - Liam Sharp Cover Hawkman Found - Jim Lee Cover

Justice League of America 21 – A Ray solo story? What?!?! This could be a fun one! I was reading online that this introduces a new character as well (villain), who appears on the B (Doug Mahnke) cover, too. That would be the premise of this “Against the invisible God” of the storyline. Check it out!

Two cover Options – Carlos D’Anda and Doug Mahnke

Justic League of America 21 - Carlos D Anda A_1

Justic League of America 21 - Doug Mahnke B Cover Variant

Teen Titans 15 – Super Sons of Tomorrow Part 3 continues here, if you were following in Superman and Super Sons last week… Good one, bad one, Amazing one? Well, keep on reading to see where it goes from here! The Batman of Tomorrow reveals his plans to the Titans and it leads to the Teen Titans vs the Super Sons!

Two Cover Options – Francis Manapul and Chad Hardin

Teen Titans 15 - Francis Manapul Teen Titans 15 - Chad Hardin

IDW Publishing

Back to the Future Tales from the Time Train 1 – The history of Doc Brown’s time train is visited in this IDW series, so we can find out what happened to “Doc, Clara, and the whole family at the end of the third film!” There are several cover options, but let’s focus on the Megan Levens one… If you’re a fan of Back to the Future, I’m certain this will be a welcome addition to canon.

Back to the Future Tales from the Time Train 1

Image Comics

Bonehead 1 – “The Mask is Who you Are”… I can’t say for sure how this book will be. Bryan Hill and Rhoald Marcellius have the chops to pull this off, but superpowered parkour gangs as a selling point doesn’t really do it for me TODAY. Seems more like something we’d want to read about several years ago, so this really needs to have some punch. The description may have been better focusing on that as a secondary and drilling on the last sentence of the description, “a story about technological and human revolution.” Let’s find out more about this in the promised “sprawling megalopolis” in the near future it talks about. Just saying!

Bonehead 1

Marvel Comics

Phoenix Resurrection 1 – Here we go… I don’t think I want to list all of the covers here, ha ha… It’s just too depressing! We have a regular cover (lenticular by default), a Stanley “Artgerm” Lau Green Custome Variant, Art Adams 1:50(?), John Tyler Christopher trading Card, In-Hyuk Lee Jean Grey Variant, John Byrne Remastered 1:1000 variant, John Byrne Black and White Remastered 1:2000 variant, Jenny Frison, Skottie Young, Leinil Francis Yu Green Costume Variant, Stanley “Artgerm” Lau Red costume variant, and don’t forget all of the sites releasing variants as well. PHEW!!!! We knew this was coming, though… The OG Jean Grey is back… But why? And why did she bring all of these covers with her? I’m kidding… The bigger question is, what are her intentions, what does it mean for the Phoenix force, the X-Men, the younger Jean Greay, the Marvel Universe at large, etc… Five Weeks, one mini-series, and, in the end, X-Men Red…

Phoenix Resurrection - Leinil Francis Yu Red Cover Phoenix Resurrection - Trading Card Variant Phoenix Resurrection - Skottie Young Variant Phoenix Resurrection - Leinil Francis Yu Green Cover Phoenix Resurrection - Byrne Remastered Cover Phoenix Resurrection - Art Adams Cover Phoenix Resurrection - Artgerm Green Cover

True Believers – To round out Phoenix Resurrection Month, be sure to pick up “Death of Phoenix 1”, “Phoenix Origins 1”, and “What If 1″… The two best of the bunch are Death and What If… I do with on Death of Phoenix, they had focused on her FIRST death, not her last, though I suppose it makes sense! Or, at least revisit all of them, since there have been a few…

TrueBelieversWhatIfPhoenixHadNotDied TrueBelieversPhoenixOrigins TrueBelieversDeathOfPhoenix